How Today’s Tech Can Enhance Your Dog’s Life

Just like their humans, dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. In addition to keeping their weight in a healthy range, exercise also provides entertainment for dogs and can help wear them out so they won’t misbehave when you’re away. Along with feeding your dog the right amount of the proper food, ensuring she gets plenty of regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your pup’s health.

Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to tell if your dog is getting an appropriate amount of exercise. Just like with advances in human fitness monitoring, technology offers some great solutions to help you monitor and increase your dog’s activity levels.

Check out the newest tech that can help your dog be more healthy and active.


DogVacay is an Airbnb-like service for pets. If you’re headed out of town for a few days or working some extra hours at your job, DogVacay helps you find a reputable pet sitter for your pooch. You can choose from a variety of services, such as dog walking, home visits, and boarding. Sitters list their availability and information about their services, and you can view pictures and reviews from past clients.

Getting a pet sitter is a great way to make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise, even when you’re not home. Depending on your location, prices start at around $10 for a 30-minute walk. Since most vets recommend between 30 minutes and two hours of activity for dogs every day, this is the perfect solution for people who work long hours, or for the days when you have an event in the evening.


Whistle is an all-in-one pet finder and activity tracker. The monitor weighs less than an ounce and attaches to your dog’s collar. The tracker monitor’s your pet’s location and sends you an alert if she is somewhere she shouldn’t be. Additionally, the app tracks your dog’s movements and daily activity. The information is recorded and lets you know if your pet has been more or less active than usual, indicating he or she may need walking time that day. It will also give you a warning if your pet is more lethargic than usual, which may signal an underlying problem and require a trip to the vet.


PetPace is another monitoring collar for your pet, but it measures much more than just your pet’s location and activity levels. This smart collar monitors your dog’s vital signs, behavioral patterns, and calories burned. If your pet has any health conditions, this collar is the perfect way to track and monitor their progress. You can even set the system up to send you specialized alerts, which can give you much-needed peace of mind if your pet is sick, elderly, or has a health condition that puts her at-risk.


Does your dog love to play fetch? If so, iFetch is the toy for her! iFetch is an automated ball launcher that shoots tennis balls up to 40 feet for your dog to chase. Your dog then retrieves the ball and drops it back into the launcher, and the whole process starts again.

It can be set at shorter distances and works indoors and outdoors. There are different sizes available, depending on your pet’s size. iFetch is a great way for your pet to stay active.


Dogbook is a social community network that connects dog owners for the purpose of meeting and networking with other dog owners. You simply create an online profile for you and your pooch and you can connect with others nearby or around the world. It’s a great way to connect with other pet owners to set playdates or trips to the dog park for your pooches.


Pawprint is an online health record tracker for your pet. It’s the perfect place to keep all of your pet’s important health data in one location for easy access. You can use it to monitor your pet’s health records and activities. You can also set reminders for extra walks or dog park playdates. The smartphone app also makes it simple to access all your pet’s records immediately in the event of an emergency.

Note: When most of us think about identity theft, we don’t worry about the online information about our pets. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that your personal information is often tied to that of your pet and can include your address, phone number, billing information and more. Consider using a Virtual Private Network to access any of the services that require personally identifying information. It will protect the privacy of your information from anyone who might try to abuse it and leave you free to enjoy your time with your pooch.

As responsible pet owners, it is our duty to make sure our dogs are happy and healthy. Making sure your pet gets enough exercise can sometimes feel like a chore, but these advances in technology will make it more fun and easier than ever to manage and track your pet’s activities.

What’s your favorite way to be sure your dog gets enough exercise?

About the Author: Diamond is a dog lover and fitness enthusiast who is lucky enough to get to spend her time writing about the things she loves. When she’s not at her computer, she can probably be found hiking with her pooch.

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