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    Considering an Office Pet Policy

    Whether you’re a student or an employee, it’s always difficult to leave your dog at home alone. Thankfully, a number of workplaces and even some schools are becoming more welcoming toward canine visitors. Read on to see why a pet policy in the office just makes sense.

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    Breed Spotlight: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    Learn more about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed in this fun infographic!

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    Dog Directed Speech

    Do you talk to your dog? If the answer is yes, don’t feel bad—you’re (probably) not crazy. In fact, recent studies have shown that your four-legged friend is likely picking up more from your conversations than you realize. Read on to learn about Dog Directed Speech and how it can grab the attention of your dog.

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    Emotional Support Dogs: What You Should Know

    Emotional support dogs provide a vital service for people in need, but many people still don’t understand exactly what they are and how they help. Read on to learn more about these life-changing animals, including what separates them from service dogs.

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    Do Dogs Enjoy Music?

    Have you ever been singing along to your favorite tunes around the house and your seemingly tone-deaf canine companion joins in with a howl? It’s no secret that dogs have the far superior hearing compared to humans, but does that mean they can understand and enjoy music?

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