• Dog-Breeds-and-Royalty-A-History.jpg

    Dog Breeds and Royalty: A History

    Dogs have long held a unique bond with humans, and they have been popular pets of royalty in countries around the world for thousands of years. Learn more about their special relationship with some of history’s greatest ruling families.

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  • winter-dogs.jpg

    Keeping Elderly Dogs Healthy in Winter

    If you have an older dog at home, you understand that elderly dogs require extra care from their owners, and this is especially true during the winter. Lern more about the challenges older dogs face when the weather gets cold, as well as the steps you can take to keep them safe and comfortable.

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  • 4-Ways-to-Relieve-Your-Dog's-Fear-of-Loud-Noises-2.jpg

    4 Ways to Relieve Your Dog's Fear of Loud Noises

    For many dogs, loud noises can be a source of fear and anxiety. While you may not be able to cure your dog of this phobia, there are actions you can take to ease the discomfort and stress he experiences when loud noises can’t be avoided.

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  • dog-chewing-toy.jpg

    How to Prevent Your Puppy from Chewing on Your Personal Belongings

    Like any other baby, puppies like to chew on just about anything they can find. But chewing is more than just an annoyance—it can also be dangerous. Here are a few tips to help you eliminate this undesirable behavior.

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  • Home-Buying-Guide-for-Dog-Owners.jpg

    Home Buying Guide for Dog Owners

    Before setting your heart on a new home, take some time to think about whether it’s the right fit for your canine companion. Here are six questions you should ask before moving your dog into a new living space.

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