CKC's Canine Ages & Stages

Puppy Training Series

Training a new puppy can be hard

...but it doesn't have to be. 

CKC is proud to announce our new training guide! This video training series is free to anyone with a registered CKC canine, and helps new puppy owners as well as experienced dog lovers! 

CKC’s Canine Ages & Stages Puppy Training videos include important information on:

  1. What to expect through various developmental deadlines.
  2. How to adequately socialize puppies.
  3. How to quickly and effectively housetrain your puppy
  4. How to stop puppies from indiscriminate mouthing and destructive chewing
  5. How to keep puppies safe when they’re not supervised.
  6. How to get your puppy to love his kennel.
  7. How to teach necessary basic companion dog skills, such as:
    • Walking politely on a loose leash
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Sitting for friendly interactions
    • Sitting at gates and doors
    • Going to a designated place or spot on command
    • Coming when called
    • Leaving dropped food or medications alone
    • And more!

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The Canine Ages & Stages Training Method

Our training methods are rooted in the science of operant conditioning (positive reinforcement), classical conditioning, and Premack Principle.

We use games, toys, and treats to teach puppies good behaviors in place of less-desired behaviors. We never use physical corrections or harsh punishments of any sort. Everything is fun and encouraging for puppies.

This type of training;

  • Strengthens the bond between puppies and their new owners.
  • Builds positive associations between puppies and their people training, in general.
  • Builds trust and respect between puppies and their owners.
  • Builds confidence in puppies.
  • Makes life and training fun for everyone!
  • Helps puppies to become a well-trained, long-term member of the family.
  • Helps puppies to grow into good-will ambassadors for their breed.

NOW is the best time to start training!

This training program utilizes a training method that can train puppies as young as 6 weeks to as old as 16 years of age. The training progresses at the puppy’s pace.

 The best time to start puppy training is IMMEDIATELY! Puppies as young as 6 weeks can begin the most basic of training and are at a critical stage to start bite inhibition training and housetraining. Therefore optimal time to start is as soon as you get your puppy. Young puppies are like blank slates, with no pre-developed bad habits. It’s much easier to train a fresh, new good habit, than to train out an old, established bad habit.

Although it may take a little more time and patience on the person’s part, this training can also work for adult and even senior dogs to correct already-established had habits!

“How can I get this resource to my new puppy owners?”

We recommend that you walk your new puppy owners through the registration application, ensuring both you and your new owner sign the application, and then send the registration application in to CKC for them IMMEDIATELY.

When your puppy owner’s application is received by CKC, we will automatically send them their invitation to start the program. The sooner your new puppy owners start their puppies training, the better their training outcome will be.

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