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    5-Step Guide to Stop Excessive Barking

    It’s natural for a dog to bark, but excessive barking can pose a problem for you and your neighbors. Read this guide for helpful tips for a quieter pup.

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    4 Tips for Training Your Dog with Guests in the Home

    Training your dog isn’t just a one-time affair. It takes lots of practice for a dog to learn a behavior, and even learned behaviors require maintenance and constant practice for consistent results. But practice can get complicated when guests are in your home. Here are four tips to help you train even when visitors are staying over.

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    Pets and Seniors: Considerations for Winter Wellness

    Dogs can bring a bevy of health benefits to seniors, but special precautions must be taken to ensure both the senior and the dog stay happy and healthy, especially in winter weather. Check out these tips for a safer winter in 2019.

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    Ensuring Your Home is Dog-Friendly All Winter

    Cold weather is officially here. Are you prepared to keep your dog safe and warm in the winter months? Read this guide for some great tips to protect your dog from the frigid weather.

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    Facilitating Safe Play Between Your Dog and Your Children

    If you’re a parent planning to bring a new dog into your family, you need to make sure that your dog and your children will get along. To keep your child and your dog safe, you need to teach your child how to avoid provoking the dog accidentally, and you will need to look out for signs of distress in your dog to prevent them from escalating. Read this guide for a safer playtime between your kids and your dog.

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