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    Low Uric Acid Dalmatians: The Dalmatian Back-Cross Project

    In the 70s Dr. Robert Schaible set out to better the Dalmatian breed. His project, known as the Dalmatian Back-Cross project, produced dalmatians of proper breed type with low uric acid levels. Click here to read more about the journey Dr. Schaible and the LUA Dalmatians have been on through the years.

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    Invisible Fence Training: What You Need To Know

    While traditional fences have been used in the past to keep dogs safe and contained, new technology has led to wireless or invisible fences. Whereas conventional fences can be eyesores, regulated by local laws, or expensive, ‘invisible fences’ are a cheap alternative, ensuring dogs don’t escape the property through delivering a shock via a battery-powered collar. So here's everything you need to know about invisible fences.

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    Should You Include Your Dog? A Guide To Events With Your Dog

    So you've got a big weekend planned, but should you bring your dog along? There are many factors to ponder before you set out on your adventure with your pup.

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