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    Troubleshooting the Dog: 5 Unhealthy Reasons Your Dog May Stink

    A dog's persistent odor may mean that it's time to take a trip to the vet.

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    4 Games That Will Exercise Your Dog's Brain

    While its fun to run around the dog park and play fetch, not all games and physical activities are designed to stimulate one of your dog's most important assets: her mind.

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    Wolfing It Down: Eating Too Quickly Can Be Fatal for Dogs

    While it may seem like a funny little quirk in your dog's behavior, scarfing down dinner in record time can actually be quite hazardous to his health.

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  • mommies-to-be.jpg

    5 Nutrition Tips for Mommies To Be

    Ensuring a healthy litter of puppies does not start with feeding the pups a quality food, but feeding the dam a quality food for life, especially during the pre-breeding and pregnancy periods. Many commercial dog foods are less than adequate for companion dogs, let alone pregnant or nursing dams

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    Creating Super Puppies with the Biosensor Routine

    The importance of early-puppy handling cannot be stressed enough. Many breeders of the top-performing dogs today agree and use a system that is known as the Biosensor Routine. The Routine was discovered by the U.S. military during wartime and was instituted into our own military canine training program.

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