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Since our founding in 1991, Continental Kennel Club, Inc. has been committed to empowering both breeders and dog owners with practical canine education. Because dog enthusiasts come from all walks of life, CKC recognizes the importance of expressing diverse opinions and covering a wide variety of topics to meet their needs.

For this reason, CKC welcomes web-exclusive submissions for our blog. If you’re as passionate about dogs as we are, we would love to feature your work on our site.

Please review the following guidelines thoroughly before submitting any work or article proposals.

What we accept:

  • Articles that are researched, well-written, and that appeal to CKC’s current and potential audience, which includes breeders, dog owners, canine professionals, puppy buyers, affiliate clubs, and event participants. Opinion pieces are welcome.
  • Unique topics and perspectives that contribute something new and fresh to our online content. Topics already covered on our blog will not be considered.
  • Topics that apply to at least one of our established blog categories:
    • Responsible Breeding. This may include topics such as dam, sire, and litter care, sire and dam selection, genetics, breeding best practices and tips, kennel management, updates and information regarding breeder legislation, and puppy buyer relations.
    • Training & Development. This may include topics such as training tips and methods, discussions of specific canine behavior, or how-tos.
    • Health & Nutrition. This may include topics such as diagnosis or prevention of canine illnesses and diseases, veterinary care, canine safety, and nutrition and feeding information.
    • Current & Trending. This includes any topic or news story that is currently trending online or in print publications. Videos and personal interviews are welcome.
    • Grooming & Care. This may include grooming tips, tricks, and methods, flea and tick prevention, and general canine maintenance.
    • Lifestyle. This broad category includes any topic that applies to the lifestyle of a dog owner, including travel, events and activities, product announcements and reviews, breed information, DIY projects and recipes, etc.

We encourage all writers to explore and become familiar with our blog before submitting any work or proposals.

What we do not accept:

  • Submissions from authors who are not familiar with CKC, our blog, or the needs of our readers.
  • Submissions that contain numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and/or issues with structure, flow, and readability.
  • Submissions that are generic, uninteresting, or otherwise unfitting to our readers.
  • Submissions that we believe to be plagiarized.

Submitting your work:

  • Submissions should be long enough to cover the intended topic and apply to at least one of CKC’s established blog categories (see above).
  • All submissions/article proposals should be emailed as a word document to editor@ckcusa.com with the subject line GUEST BLOG POST.
  • If you are submitting content ideas and proposals only with no completed work, you must submit sample work from other sites or publications. Sample work will be used only for reviewing purposes and will never be published, distributed, or otherwise shared by CKC. If no sample work is provided, your proposal may not receive a response.
  • Only accepted work will receive a reply. If you have not received a response within eight weeks, you may assume we are unable to use your material.
  • When submitting, you agree that all included material is yours and does not infringe on existing copyrights or rights of privacy. For accepted blog submissions, the guest blogger will retain copyright; however, CKC will receive exclusive online rights for a period of twelve months and non-exclusive rights thereafter.
  • Compensation for accepted work varies based on author credentials, article length, and quality of work.
  • Please include your name within the article submission

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