Canine Care and Training Program

Canine Care and Training Program (CCTP)

The Canine Care and Training Program (CCTP) is an exciting curriculum developed by Continental Kennel Club for the purpose of teaching students about the proper treatment, handling, and training of dogs in a classroom setting.

The CCTP Level 1 Curriculum: Basic Canine Care & Handling has been accepted as an accredited course by the Louisiana Department of Education. School systems can incorporate the course into their Agriculture/Science or Vocational Training clusters and issue a half credit for students completing the course. For students who meet the IBC requirements, Continental Kennel Club will issue an industry-based certification recognizing their preparation and attainment of the specific skillset necessary for safely working with dogs in a canine-related job or occupation.



In 2006, CKC began developing a pilot curriculum with the help of several Louisiana teachers and educators for the purpose of educating high school students about the importance of canine care, safety, handling, and training. After 2 years of work, the Canine Care and Training curriculum was adopted by the Louisiana Department of Education as a half-credit course in the cluster of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. The program now offers an industry-based certification based on the Basic Canine Care and Handling curriculum. This curriculum has been taught in parishes throughout the state of Louisiana, and it is gaining a foothold in other states, such as Florida and Kansas. Students enjoy the program because they are encouraged to work hands-on with dogs in the same fashion as many traditional agriculture-/science-related classes, such as welding or small engine repair.

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The CCTP  helps students by teaching them how to properly care for dogs, providing them with the skills necessary for training dogs, and teaching them how to effectively understand and communicate with dogs. Learning how to care for and train an animal requires patience, persistence, observation, experimentation, critical thinking, and excellent two-way communication skills. The skills that students develop through the CCTP curriculum will help them succeed in any field relating to animal science, animal husbandry, or animal training. The CCTP will also teach students how to become more community-minded when addressing some of the problems other species face as a result of human negligence and mismanagement.

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As the number of household pets grows larger each year, the demand for newer and better pet services, products, and educational information grows proportionately. The pet industry surpassed $60 billion in sales in 2015, with continued growth projected in 2016. Cats and dogs are no longer considered just pets—they are treated as family members. And, with over 56 million households having at least one dog, the demand for dog services, products, and educational resources will remain high for many years to come.

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