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The CKC Preferred Breeders Program is an extraordinary member service developed exclusively for CKC Breeders and kennel owners. The Preferred Breeders Program combines practical guidelines with high breeding standards to support the proper development and enhancement of dog breeds. The CKC Preferred Breeders Program provides support and resources to CKC breeders to aid in the establishment of a superior breeding program.


Full year of online advertisement in Puppies section of Continental Kennel Club website. See Puppies

Inclusion of Preferred Breeder name and contact information on Preferred Breeder Directory page on CKC website. View Breeder Directory

Reserved Bloodline rights (your bloodline may not be used without your permission).

Special placement of website advertisement in designated Preferred Breeders Program section

Preferred referral by CKC Customer Support Center representatives, to prospective puppy buyers

Recognition as Preferred Breeders Program Member on CKC Preprinted Puppy Applications

Limited Registration on any CKC-registered puppy litter or puppy produced from breeding program

Eligible to be featured in the CKC Insider Newsletter as Preferred Breeder of the Month

Preferred Canine Name rights (dog that you name may not be changed without your permission)

Are you ready to be recognized for your excellent breeding standards?



Provide an original CKC Preprinted Puppy Application to the new owner of each puppy produced and placed in breeding program.

Employ a permanent method of breed stock identification using microchip identification and/or DNA testing; maintain documented proof of identification for each active canine within breeding program.

Provide documentation of any regular health screening(s) performed on breed(s) produced within breeding program; disclose results of health screening(s) for canines within breeding program OR supply a written statement to disclose that health screenings were not performed.

Submit to periodic inspections of kennel facilities by official CKC representative(s).

At time of puppy purchase, ensure that the new owner completes the Preprinted Puppy Application and submits this form to CKC in order to register the puppy and transfer ownership from breeder to owner.

Attempt to resolve any formal complaint filed by a CKC club member in accordance with official CKC Inc. Rules and Regulations; this includes acknowledgement and compliance with any requests or instructions from the CKC Complaint Department, which may include (but are not limited to) submitting documentation, records, test results, professional statements, etc. to Continental Kennel Club Inc. within time frames enforced by CKC Complaint Department.

Prepare a contract to record any agreement(s) made, regarding stud service(s) provided by male stock dog(s) from breeding program, with other breeder(s) or in outside breeding program(s); the contract should outline conditions of the stud service(s), payment arrangements, a plan to distribute offspring produced, as well as predefined terms/procedures to enact in the event that offspring are not produced.

Acknowledge and adhere to ethical breeding standards and guidelines defined in the CKC Inc. Breeder Code of Ethics.

Provide a purchase agreement and health guarantee to the new owner of each puppy produced/placed from breeding program.


The Continental Kennel Club Breeder Code of Ethics outlines the ethical breeding practices, health and genetic guidelines, and puppy placement practices for CKC breeders.

Provide clean, adequate, safe housing and run areas specific to the nature and exercise requirements for the breed.

Research the breed before breeding. Know the standard and only breed dogs that show proper breed type and temperament. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each potential pairing. Always breed to better the breed.

Perform all customary health tests for your breed prior to breeding, and disclose all results to possible puppy buyers. If health tests were not performed, disclose that fact to any possible puppy buyers.

Ensure that all breeding dogs are positively identifiable. Microchips, DNA, photo registration, and tattoos are all acceptable forms of identification.

Breed dogs that are in good health, temperamentally sound, and free from genetic faults.

Obtain a signed stud dog contract prior to breeding. The stud contract should, at minimum, designate the number of ties that will be allowed, designate the amount of time between ties, designate the stud fee or pick of the litter, address how a single puppy litter will be handled, and address what each party will do if no puppies are yielded.

Only breed dogs that are physically and mentally mature enough to breed, and do not continue to breed any male or female that is unfit for breeding.

Make every effort possible to ensure that puppies are in good health and free from genetic defects at the time of sale.

Review each prospective buyer carefully and make every effort to ensure that each puppy is placed in a home that is in the best interests of the new owner and the puppy.

Help to educate puppy buyers about the breed and what is required in terms of exercise, nutrition, training, and socialization.

Make both parent dogs available for viewing to potential puppy buyers, along with proper registration papers of the parents.

Provide each new puppy owner with the proper paperwork to register the new puppy at the time the puppy leaves the breeder’s premises. This should include, at a minimum: registration form for the puppy, health and shot information, and a signed contract.

Include in each signed puppy contract a minimum of: a return policy and time limit, explanation of health guarantee and time limit, and spay/neuter requirements, if any.

Any advertising, whether oral or written, shall be factual, not misleading, and not designed to attract undesirable buyers or to encourage the raising of dogs for any undesirable reason.

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