How to Teach Your Dog to Walk Beside You in 7 Simple Steps

    Walking with a dog that constantly pulls ahead on his leash may be frustrating at times, but it can also be dangerous. Find out how you can teach your dog to walk beside you and prevent the mishaps that can come from leash pulling.

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  • Los-Angeles-City-Council-Considers-All-Vegan-Diet-for-Shelter-Dogs.jpg

    Los Angeles City Council Considers All-Vegan Diet for Shelter Dogs

    As if the city’s homeless dogs didn’t have it bad enough already, now Los Angeles officials are weighing the possibility of switching the diets of their shelter dogs from kibble to quinoa.

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  • christmas-dog.jpg

    How to Spoil Yourself and Your Pupper This Christmas

    Christmas is almost here. Your dog may have made it onto the Nice List, but you shouldn’t wait around for the big guy in the red suit to swoop in with the presents. Instead, read on for some stellar gift ideas that your dog will surely love.

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  • dog-2785077_1280.jpg

    5 Strange Facts About Dogs

    Dogs can be our best friends, but like anyone else they have their secrets, too. Here are six strange facts about dogs that you may not know.

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    Holiday Stocking Stuffers Your Pooch Will Love

    Still trying to figure out what to put in your dog’s stocking this Christmas? Well, look no further because Kelly Shepherd has you covered with plenty of excellent gift ideas.

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