Puppy Referral Form

The form below should be used by CKC breeders to provide the contact information of their puppy purchasers to Continental Kennel Club.

To submit this information by mail, please complete the Litter Record Form (the backside of the Litter Summary letter) that accompanied your CKC Puppy Applications to record this information and then return to CKC at P.O. Box 1628 - Walker, LA - 70785. To submit this information by fax or email, complete the Litter Record Form and submit to 1-888-470-7813 or email to ckc@ckcusa.com

By providing us with the new owner's information, you understand that CKC will email your customer in order to explain the benefits of registration and to remind them to complete the registration process using the Pre-Printed Puppy Application you provided.

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