24 Reasons (and Photos) To Explain Why You Should Get a Yorkie . . . Today

In August, CKC began a new tradition: the Featured Breed of the Month. We selected the Yorkshire Terrier as our first featured breed, and our readers loved learning more about the feisty dogs through our infographic, and many couldn't help showing off their own prized pups in our online Yorkie photo contest.

We took the most commonly used words from these submissions and created a word cloud to see what Yorkie owners really thought of their beloved pets (pictured above).

Here are some of our favorite photo submissions, along with what each owner had to say about their Yorkie(s)!

First, the winner of our contest:

Submitted by Claire Spielman:

"Their unique appearance, devotion, personality and love.Our Peaches (Yorkie Peachy Girl) is a pet therapy dog that works with children at the hospital as well as America's Top Dog Model 2015."

In addition to Peaches, many of our contestants sported stylish clothing and accessories in their photos. Here are a few:

Submitted by Darcelene Maynard

"I love his whittiness, and his eagerness and boldness and not knowing that he's so tiny and thinks he's about as tall as me (6'1). He's also very stubborn, and eager to learn new commands. At 3 months, my mom taught me how to sit, lay down and even raise my paw!"

Submitted by Dawn Abrams:

"They are the perfect size to warm your lap while watching tv."

They're also the perfect size to wear tiny, ridiculously cute overalls!

Submitted by Kim Menken:

"I have 3 and they are the sweetest, most loving dogs I've ever owned. Each one is unique."

Submitted by David Scaliatine:

"They have such a unique personality. Our yorkie in particular is the queen of the house, never letting her size dictate what she called rule over."

A queen, you say? That hate does resemble a crown. We believe you.

Submitted by Sherry Wheeler:

"They are so loyal and loving."

Submitted by Dawn Duhe:

"Most lovable little dogs..highly intelligent and very protective!!"

Submitted by Aline Gerent:

"They are cute and very friendly. I'm in love with them!"

Who wouldn't love those adorable faces?

Submitted by Robert DeLeon:

"Very loyal and she thinks she is a princess."

Submitted by Devin Wilkinson:

"I have always loved yorkies since I was a little girl, they have a mind of their own but are still so loving and playful :) I also love that they do not shed!"

Devin... There's something we need to tell you about your pet shark.

Submitted by Kathy Bell:

"I am amazed at how much love can be packed into such a little body."

Submitted by Kat Gamache:

"Yorkies have spunk and personality that exponentially exceeds their size. No one can resist their expressive eyes or help but to fall in love. They are content cuddling on a lap or running through the woods on an adventure. They are loyal and devoted, great watch-dogs, yet non-threatening to the youngest children. They are also portable and flexible enough to accompany their humans in a wide range of activities, enriching the experience for all. My family includes two - Moxie and Bella - and we could not imagine life without them."

Kat, are you a poet? What a beautiful description of a beautiful breed.

But even Yorkies that weren't blinged-out were adorable in all their nakedness!

Submitted by Pam Tankersley:

"I love their loving personalities, their tenacity, their loyalty, and how they're all so happy to see me, even if I've been outside for 10 minutes. They're the best dogs...so much energy packed into tiny packages. Each one has her own specific traits, and I love how they develop their little traits as they grow. I love love love Yorkies!"

A beautiful sight to see when you come home!

Submitted by Sabrina Smith:

"Loyal, feisty, adorable, and love to snuggle with their human family!"

Submitted by Russeline Garey:

"They're so loyal, and senses my every mood. I'm, not looking to win but I just wanted to share."

You're a winner in our book, Russeline.

Submitted by Dianna Sanchez:

"I love the Yorkie breed, because they are like toddlers...they are somewhat self-sufficient, but they mainly just want and need to be with me! They are playful, cuddly and their hearts are WAY bigger than they are! There's never a dull moment and they make each day better for me!"

Submitted by Anna Robbins:

"They are such an adorable, loveable, spunky breed always greeting me with kisses, eager to please and one of the snugglyiest breeds ever! We just love our 4 legged family members, Bella & Rocky!"

Dogs on a Hello Kitty Blanket? Traitors.

Submitted by Claudia Lucia Leon-Bleich:

"I love their intelligence, their loyalty and how social they are. My yorkies are my constant companion even when I want solitude.  Huge personality in a tiny package💕"

Submitted by Catherine Winslow:

"My five Yorkies are loving, smart and very playful... I've had five generations of my puppies and each one of them have their own personality and become your family and the best companion you'll ever need... I love my Yorkies..."

Submitted by Cheryl Pavlicek:

"The Yorkie breed has so much personality and cuteness in every dog.  My Yorkie gets so much attention wherever he goes because of his personality and because he is filled with so much love. Everyone loves him especially me!!!"

So what do Yorkie owners love so much about the breed? Perhaps Alaina Mcmann put it best when she said:


We certainly agree.

What do you love about Yorkies? Let us know in the comments.

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