• corgi-halloween-2017.jpg

    WATCH: Topi the Corgi Celebrates Halloween in Style

    Topi’s got a spooktacular new video out for Halloween. Watch it, if you dare!

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  • leash pulling problems.jpg

    Dog Owner Diaries: Pulling Problems

    Does your dog’s leash pulling drive you crazy? Devin has some training tips this week that will help you put some of the slack back in your dog’s leash.

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  • Episode-2---Kibble---Thumbnail.jpg

    WATCH: Bone Appétit: Dog Kibble as Cereal

    There’s no prize in this cereal. Only pain.

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  • The-Dos-and-Don'ts-of-Doggy-Doors.jpg

    The Dos and Don'ts of Doggy Doors

    A pet door can open up worlds of fun and exploration for your dog, but it can come with its own problems as well. Before you install one in your home, learn about the dos and don’ts of doggy doors.

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  • My Dog Is Afraid Of Men.png

    Dog Owner Diaries: Help! My Dog Is Afraid Of Men

    Today, Devin talks about some of the difficulties that can come from owning a dog that wasn’t properly socialized early on. His dog, Freyja, was initially scared of men. But, with some patience and a three-step plan for rehabilitation, Devin helped Freyja overcome some of her fears, and his tips may help your skittish dog, too.

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