• Bear-Dog.jpg

    Family Shocked to Discover Family Dog Is Actually a Bear

    This family didn’t know just how different their dog was until it started walking on two legs and eating enormous amounts of food each day. But the pet that they believed to be a Tibetan mastiff was nothing of the sort.

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  • Puppy-Bowl.jpg

    2018 Puppy Bowl XIV Wrap-Up

    Justin Timber-Who? If you didn’t watch Puppy Bowl XIV last Sunday, you missed out on one of the Super Bowl’s greatest halftime traditions. But that’s okay, because we’re going to give you all of the highlights from this year’s Puppy Bowl in all its uplifting, adorable glory.

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  • dog-chewing-toy.jpg

    How to Prevent Your Puppy from Chewing on Your Personal Belongings

    Like any other baby, puppies like to chew on just about anything they can find. But chewing is more than just an annoyance—it can also be dangerous. Here are a few tips to help you eliminate this undesirable behavior.

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  • how to train your dog to be kid friendly.png

    How to Train Your Dog to be Kid Friendly

    A dog can be a child’s best friend. But if that dog has no prior experience with kids, it can mean big trouble when he finally meets one.

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  • dos-an-donts-potty.jpg

    DOs and DON'Ts of Potty Training a Puppy

    Keep your puppy happy and your house tidy by following this helpful list of potty training dos and don’ts.

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