CKC Member Service Fees

Member Service Fees

Please reference the fee schedule below for payment amounts by service. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that you may incur other fees for additional services rendered. CKC reserves the right to adjust service pricing at our discretion. Fees are payable by check, money order, and debit or credit card.

Canine Registration Documents(1)  


Reissue Registration Certificate$10.00
Reissue Photo Registration$15.00
Reissue Kennel Registration$7.00
Reissue Combo – Registration and Pedigree$25.00
Reissue Combo – Registration and Pedigree – Kennel$17.00
3 Generation Pedigree$17.00
5 Generation Pedigree$22.00
Foreign Registration Fee*$10.00

1Canine Registration Documents will be reissued up to 60 days from their original issue date free of charge if not received. 

2Canine Registration Documents will be corrected up to 60 days from their original issue date free of charge. Original registration documents must be returned before new ones will be issued.

*In addition to chosen service(s) for customers outside the USA and its territories which include:

Puerto Rico (PR), US Virgin Islands (VI), Guam (GU), APO, and FPO.

Puppy Registration Applications(3) 


Reissue for litters with 5 or fewer puppies$5.00
Reissue for litters with 6 or more puppies$1.00/puppy
Limited Registration (not required for Preferred Breeders)Dependent upon account status per puppy

1Puppy Registration Applications will be reissued up to 30 days from their original issue date free of charge if not received.

2Puppy Registration Applications will be corrected upon notification by the member of the error. Reissue fees apply.

3Corrections to the litter quantity (increase) must be completed within 30 days of the registration date. Failure to correct this error type within the specified timeframe will result in the inability to register any puppies unaccounted for.

Document Delivery Options(3) 

  • Unless otherwise requested, all documents will be mailed via USPS. Documents are mailed the business day (excluding holidays and company closures) after they are processed. Ex: Documents processed on Monday mail on Tuesday. Documents processed on Friday mail on Monday. 
  • You should allow 7-10 business days for delivery with standard mail.
  • Expedited mail service is available via USPS or Fedex (overnight only). Please contact our Customer Service Team for current pricing which is set by the carrier.

Document Correction Fees


Puppy Registration Correction#+Follow Reissue Fees above
Puppy Registration Cancellation#+Reissue Fees for correct litter

1Please reference our rules and policies here: 

#Required when changing the dam, sire, or breed of a previously registered litter (at CKC’s discretion).

+The breeder must pay the reissue fees for any services rendered to new puppy owners before the correction.

Miscellaneous Fees


Research Fee^$25.00 + fees for services rendered

^Required for Seppalas or other rare breeds that require pedigree verification for registration. Also included are requests for documents (pedigrees, etc.), which require further research or special printing. Please contact our office for assistance.

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