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    7 Reasons Why Your Dog May be Eating Poop (And How to Stop It)

    Contrary to popular belief, this distasteful behavior is not necessarily due to a dietary deficiency.

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  • Healthy-Dog-Digestive-Tract.jpg (1)

    5 Must-Have Items for a Healthy Dog Digestive Tract

    Digestion's journey is nothing short of miraculous. From input to output, the body works continually to improve and protect health. And a few simple habits of good nutrition and supplementation can keep the road smooth for the adventures to come.

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  • when-to-breed-a-dam.jpg

    When to Breed a Dam

    What determines when a dam is “ready” for breeding? It depends on many different factors.

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  • Combatting-Hair.jpg (1)

    4 Ways to Combat Pet Hair In Your Home

    You can take steps to manage the amount of hair your dog sheds. While they won't stop your dog's coat from shedding entirely, healthcare and hygiene routines can greatly reduce the amount of hair you have left on your hands . . . and carpet . . . and sofa . . . you get the picture.

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  • 10-Benefits-of-Exercising-previewv3.jpg

    10 Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

    Daily aerobic exercise (exercising at a “panting” level) is extremely beneficial for dogs—and hitting a panting level never hurt humans either, since an increased heart rate can decrease the likelihood of health problems.

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