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    Breed Spotlight: the Great Dane

    Learn more about the Great Dane breed in this fun infographic!

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    Dog Television: Pros and Cons

    Let’s face it: as a dog owner, sometimes it can be difficult to do the things you need to when there’s an energetic dog running around the house. But did you know there are videos and even TV channels dedicated to keeping dogs occupied and out of trouble? This week, Devin decided to try out a few of those options with his rambunctious dogs.

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  • First-Aid.jpg

    Pet First Aid 101: What to Put in an Emergency Kit

    If you own a dog, you should to have a first-aid kit in your home that’s just for her. While you hopefully won’t ever need it, it’s always best to be prepared. This guide will help you put together a kit to do exactly that.

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  • healing-power-of-dogs

    The Healing Power of Dogs

    You take care of your dog, but did you know your dog is also taking care of you? An overwhelming amount of data supports the idea that dog ownership is beneficial for one’s health. Read on to learn more about the incredible healing power of man’s best friend.

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    Top Spring Break Getaways with Your Pup

    Are you planning to go on vacation this year? If the answer is yes, take a look at this guide to four of the most exciting and dog-friendly locations right here in the United States.

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