Home Design: Planning Your Home Around Your Pets

We love our pets. As a matter of fact, we love them so much that we pamper them with treats, dress them for comfort and spoil them with accouterments fit for royalty.

That being said, it should be no surprise that there are people letting their houses go to the dogs, the cats, and even the birds—without sacrificing the style or comfort of their homes. Instead of tossing their furry toys in the yard and/or trash, pet owners are now starting to decorate and remodel their living spaces with their pets needs in mind, turning pet-friendly decorating into a full-blown trend.

Home furnishings for pets come in almost any color and size, in styles ranging from covert to chic. So, when you’re planning a home for both you and your pets, consider things that are important for your pet. In other words, think about whether you’re putting your door-dashing dog on a high traffic street. Will your protective friend attack your guest? Is it possible to make your home comfortable for your elderly dog or cat? What are common household items that are hazardous to pets and not humans? These are all things that should be considered throughout the design process.

The good news is that the design of your home has the ability to make animals happier, just as it can people. You can create a home where your pets feel as good as you do after walking in from a long day of work. It’s hard to read the minds of pets, but the more time you spend with them in your home, the easier it is to find out what makes them happy. Here are some ways you can keep your pets in good spirit.

Pet Care

While pets are loving additions to your home, they are not always easy to manage. So what’s the easiest way to keep your home looking its best? Regular brushings, claw-trimmings, and course, regular baths. Get rid of that excessive hair before the carpet starts collecting it.

Dedicated pet owners know that good pet care goes beyond grooming. With that being said, it’s good to make sure your pets have their own toys to prevent them from chewing on the furniture, shoes, pillows, wires, and anything else that can be hazardous. For animals like cats, a scratching post can also help protect your favorite rugs and furniture.

Time to play is also important for your pets. A pet that’s exhausted from a long walk or from an intense game of chase-the-string is less likely to ruin furniture and personal items.

Paw-Safe Flooring & Fabric

When choosing which type of flooring works best for your pets, go with fabrics and flooring materials that’ll make less work for you. Ultrasuede and easy-care leather, for example, can be wiped clean and won’t be affected by wear. Laminated flooring, on the other hand, doesn’t work so well for animals since the material can swell if bodily fluids get on the wood.

Although bare floors are the way to go, they don’t necessarily have to be boring. In other words, the best flooring is ceramic tile, because it’s easy to clean and can be resistant to dish bowl particles. Tile is toenail-proof, so it has the ability to make a room look sleek and elegant. It also gives furry animals a cool place to nap on those hot summer days. Porous materials like granite, quartz, marble, and natural stones aren’t as pet-proof as other hard surfaces; this is because bodily fluids can damage the material, even if they’re sealed.

Plan Your Color Scheme Around Your Pet’s Fur Color

Picking out a sofa that’s the same color as your furry friend isn’t just a sign of love—it also makes it easy for you (the pet owner) to hide hair from visitors. Of course, as most pet owners know, there’s no substitute for regular vacuuming; but matching your carpet to your pet’s fur makes it less visible in between cleans.

So if your dog has beige-brown fur, show off your love their color.

Patterned rugs and fabrics are great ways to minimize the amount of hair that’s shown in your house. Small, tight patterns can actually help hide pet fur, as long as you’re careful with your colors. It’s also important to remember that a light patterned rug will show lots of dark hair, and vice versa.

A blanket placed carefully on the floor can also go a long way. In other words, if your pet loves to sleep near the couch, place a throw across it. This will help make cleaning up both quick and easy.

Create a Designated Place for Your Pet

As a positive step, it’s a good idea to give your pets their own space (either in the living room or somewhere in your bedroom) and encourage them to rest/hang out there. Use some tasty treats to help them lie down quietly, and then, once they’re in the designated spot, use long, slow massaging strokes to help them relax. Once you’re done, get up slowly—see if you can manage to move away without disturbing their relaxation period. By doing this, you’ll be helping your furry friends remain calm while at the same time letting them know that their presence is your top priority. You’re also giving structure to their lives by giving them a place where it’s okay for them to be, minimizing the chances of stress.

Here are some other ways you can also keep your pet’s living space tidy:

  • Consider an air purifier, since pet dander can seriously diminish your home’s air quality.
  • Make an investment in pet furniture.
  • Keep them properly groomed.
  • Check out return policies on things like toys, and/or luxury animal bedding. After all, they don’t always like what owners buy them.


Thanks for the read! What are some other things pet owners can do in order help their pets feel safe and appreciated around the house? Feel free to leave comments below.

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