How to Spoil Yourself and Your Pupper This Christmas

Tired of blowing all your hard-earned cash on distant relatives every holiday season? This year, why not spend your money on someone who gives you companionship and unconditional love—your dog. The right dog gift makes a wonderful present for both you and your little furry pal. It can help you bond or mirror the limitless love dogs have for their people.


Whether your year has been tough or fabulous, everyone can use a nice, relaxing getaway—your dog included. Tons of hotels are dog friendly, which makes traveling with your pet even easier. You don’t even need to be a fan of the great outdoors—resorts like Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley offer spa services for you and your pup.

Take a vacation to one of the big dog-centric events around the world. Pack up and leave it all behind on a road trip to visit the many sites around you, from the beautiful to bizarre. Are you going on a holiday trip that, sadly, your dog can’t join? Your furry friend doesn’t have to miss out on pampering just because you’re not around. Send them off to a pet resort where they can enjoy everything from water parks to their own human sleeping companion.

Pet Portraits

Looking for something to decorate your home? Why not get a striking portrait of your fuzzy friend? Pet portraits range from realistic paintings based off a photograph to a mock-up portrait of your dog as a historical figure. The options are endless—want an embroidered likeness of your dog? You can have it. Honor your furriest family member with an artistic masterpiece and create a talking piece for your home at the same time.

Hi-Tech Pet Gifts

Technology enhances our lives in countless ways, and it can surely bring you and your dog closer together. If you spend all your time at work wondering what your pet is up to (or worry that your dog is spending all your time at work missing you), a camera for your home can help you spy on your puppy while you’re away. If you want to get really fancy, some cameras come with everything from a video screen so your pet can see you to a treat dispenser. If your dog is a bolter (looking at you, huskies), a GPS tracker lets you see everything, including what your dog is doing and how active they get.

Gifts for the Bed

Now that science has proven that sleeping with your dog makes for a better night’s rest, it might be time to upgrade your bed. After all, nighttime is perfect for snuggles. Don’t be fooled—they’ll still hog the bed, no matter if your mattress is a California King with plenty of room at the foot. You can also buy your dog a swanky bed of their own and have all the extra bed space for yourself, furry friend permitting.

A Friend for a Friend

Dogs are man’s best friend, so why not get another? Depending on the breed, a new dog can be the most costly present you and your puppy could want. But as all dog owners know, they’re worth the price as they enhance your life (and mental health) in myriad ways. After all, if one dog brightens you and your family’s life, why not add to the joy? And then get a head start on next year’s Christmas gift.

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