5 Strange Facts About Dogs

We can never get enough of those adorable faces dogs make when they want us to cuddle and pet them after returning home. As pet parents, we can often feel that we probably know everything there is to know about dogs. However, you might be in for a surprise because there are quite a lot of things you probably never knew about dogs. It could be anything from historical facts to behavioral patterns to food habits; our canines sure know ways to surprise us when we least expect it!

Without further ado, here are five fun facts about dogs.

1. Dogs Can Feel Jealousy

The pooch that you were petting the other day at a social event might nearly have made your Great Dane jealous. Yes, dogs do feel insecure and jealous if their pet parent shows affection to another dog. While this is not funny to them at all, it is definitely adorable and funny to us humans to witness how our pets end up feeling possessive about us.

However, if your dog shows signs of agitation and anger, you should take the matter seriously and look for ways to make it feel better.

2. Curling Into A Ball Before Sleep Is Instinctual

You might often see your dog curl into a ball before taking a nap, and it surely looks beyond adorable. What’s not to love about a ball of fur that can melt the strongest of hearts? However, did you know that this an age-old instinct that helped dogs in unfavorable weather conditions to keep warm and protect themselves from hypothermia? This instinct has been passed down through generations and explains why your furry friend does the same.

3. Dogs Can Suffer from Separation Anxiety

Like human babies, dogs also suffer from intense separation anxiety. However, considering the fact that they have a heightened sense of smell, you can leave behind a piece of clothing you have worn for a day and your dog will be more than happy with it. It can ease anxiety and make your dog feel at home.

4. Your Dog Is a Walking Compass

Dogs are great with directions, and if you ever get lost in the woods while playing with your dog, you can always depend on him to help you figure out where you are. As strange as it sounds, dogs instinctually poop facing north. They do so by using the earth’s magnetic field to orient themselves in a north-south axis before doing the deed.

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5. Your Dog’s Tail Has A Story

If you have closely observed your dog wagging its tail, you would know that there are different wags for different situations. Studies suggest that a dog wagging its tail to the left could suggest that it is nervous or threatened, while wagging to the right could mean that it is happy and relaxed!

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