5 Shiba Inu Videos That Will Make You Smile!

#5 Shibe doesn't like fidget spinner

It’s safe to say that most of us can side with the Shiba on this one. Sure, there was a time when it seemed like a fun idea to whip out that new gadget and give it a spin in front of your friends, but that time has certainly passed.

Person in the video: listen to the sage advice of your Shiba and drop the fidget spinner. It’ll give you an extra hand for belly rubs.

#4 How Smart is a Shiba Inu Dog? Intelligence test!

We all know that Shibas are incredibly intelligent dogs, but this Shiba owner decided to put it to the test by giving his dog, Haru, an intelligence quiz! We won’t spoil the test for you, but let’s just say that the rumors exist for a reason.

#3 Angry Shiba Puppy Loses It and SNAPS!!!

It’s tough being a puppy, but when you’re a tiny Shiba getting bossed around by a great big Doge, it’s easy to go into full-on attac mode.

After being batted at, nipped at, and stepped on, the Shiba puppy in this video decides that he’s had just about enough of the big Shiba’s nonsense. He snaps back at the older dog and gives him and piece of his mind by firing off a volley of angry and adorable (ang-dorable?) barks.

It’s safe to say that big bro Shiba will want to think twice before picking on his smaller sibling again.

#2 dentist shibe

If you’re a Shiba Inu in need of a dental checkup, who do you call? Why, your best Shiba buddy, of course!

But does the Shiba dentist in this video actually have his friend’s best interests at heart, or is it all just a plot to steal “bleps” and “mlemos” from his unsuspecting Shiba buddy? You’ll have to watch to find out!

If you think these two dogs are funny, they also star in a whole series of cute and hilarious YouTube videos.

#1 Doge Store Clerk (Shiba)--Shiba Inu In Tokyo

As great as all of these Shiba Inu videos are, we think we’ve saved the best for last.

This Shiba—appropriately named “Shiba”—has probably greeted thousands of aww-struck, happy customers while working at a small cigarette store in Tokyo.

On a typical workday, he would relax underneath the store counter and watch out for customers through a small glass window. But as soon as a customer would walk up to the shop, Shiba would leap into action, opening the window with his snoot and preparing for a barrage of incoming pets from his adoring fan(s).

When Shiba really got amped up, he would run to the back of the store and return to show off his most prized possession to guests—a giant cucumber!

As far as doggos go, Shiba the happy cigarette store clerk is about as good as they get. He may be retired now, but his legacy as the world’s best salesdog will live on.

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