10 Things to Do Before Your New Puppy Arrives

Your family is about to welcome a newcomer, so of course you need to prepare for her arrival. A puppy is a lot like a baby. She is too little to care herself, so there are a number of things that you, as a responsible pet owner, will need to do for her.

Here are 10 things you can do before your puppy arrives that will help her settle into her new home.

1. Buy a new crate for your pup

A dog’s crate can become a place of refuge. Your pup will grow up very quickly, so when choosing a crate, make sure that it will be large enough for when your puppy grows up.

2. Prepare a water bowl and a dish only for her

You should choose a plastic or stainless steel bowl for your puppy because they are both durable and dependable. It would also be a good idea to find bowls that will accommodate the size of your puppy, making portion control easier. Whatever bowls you choose, remember to clean all of them regularly.

3. Buy dog food according to her age

Each type of dog food is only for a certain age, and it’s shown on the packaging. Remember not to let the pup eat too much, and, again, be sure to give her the recommended amount of food for her current age.

4. Prepare a collar and an ID tag for her

Wearing a collar not only makes the puppy more adorable, but it also helps to avoid a scenario in which she runs away and gets lost. For example, if you put a small bell on her neck, you will hear the sound whenever she approaches you or travels further away.

5. Prepare new toothbrush and shower gel for your pup

The puppy should be bathed and sanitized regularly so that she feels comfortable and prevent diseases as well. Toothbrush and shower gel for dogs are necessary things for your pup.

6. Buy poop bags for dogs

You have to be ready to clean up what your pup leaves behind, and the poop bags are your effective assistants. These also help you clean the house easily and quickly when accidents happen.

7. Remove fragile things from your pup’s reach

Many puppies are hyperactive. Their curious, energetic nature can lead the destruction of many items you hold dear. So, it’s best to plan ahead and keep these objects away and out of reach.

8. Prepare puppy toys and chews

There are many types of toys for dogs, such as balls, bone-shaped toys, cymbals, and stuffed animals. Puppies enjoy these toys because they help with their chewing needs and teething. Moreover, this can burn-up energy so that your pup can have fun and sleep well at night. Note: Choose toys that are made of durable, non-toxic rubber for long-lasting play.

9. Grooming Supplies

Taking care of a dog’s coat is an important part of maintaining its health. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get a suitable grooming supply for your pup, because it prevents matting and keeps your pooch clean, allowing her to stay happy and healthy.

10. Outerwear (in case it’s very cold)

Although she has her own fur, if it’s too cold outside your puppy may get sick. So, coats and booties may be a necessity if you want to bring the pup out to potty or out on walks.

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My name is Tina Bray from Thedoghere.com - a student of San Diego State University majoring in communication. Visit my blog to find out the best tips for your dogs.

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