Why It Is Important To Keep Your Pet Secure In The Car

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Pet Secure in the Car?

Do you love traveling with your dog? If so, you may think allowing them to sit on your lap or freely roam the car is fine. Unfortunately, if your pet is not restrained properly in your vehicle, they are a danger to you, themselves, and anyone else in the vehicle with you. 

Even if you have the best-behaved dog in the world, they may become anxious, scared, or overly excited while in the car. This behavior can distract you (or the driver) and cause an accident. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of keeping your pet safe and secure in the car and outline how this can best be achieved.

Protecting Your Pet While Traveling in a Vehicle

When you get into a vehicle, one of the first things you likely do is buckle your seatbelt. The same is true for your passengers and children. Why wouldn’t you provide the same security and safety for your dog?

If your dog isn’t properly restrained in your vehicle, it may suffer a serious injury that could be fatal if you are involved in an accident. For example, if your pet is unrestrained, it may turn into a flying projectile if you must stop suddenly or are in an accident. This creates a “lethal danger” to your dog and others in the vehicle. Unfortunately, there have been far too many incidents of pets flying through a car’s windshield in an accident because they were not properly secure. 

Now Is the Time to Be a Responsible Owner

If you plan to take your dog in the car, you must be a responsible owner. Failing to restrain your pet puts it and you in danger. You’re not only responsible for any passengers in your vehicle, but you’ll also be endangering the safety of your fellow road users. 

While you may believe you don’t need to restrain your pet if you are just going around the town for a few errands, remember that 52% of nonfatal accidents occur within five miles of the driver’s home. 

It’s also important to remember that if you are in an accident and your pet isn’t restrained, they may flee the vehicle, run into traffic, or just get lost. Rather than dealing with the trauma this can cause, simply securing them in the first place will ensure they stay safe while you can have peace of mind. 

Restraint Options for Your Dog

You can find all types of dog restraint products for vehicles today. You can purchase pet car seats, safety belts, travel crates, and more. Each of these gives you a way to safely restrain your pet and keep them safe if you are involved in an accident. Try to find an option that works for you based on how often you travel and the size of your pet. Keeping your four-legged friend safe in the car is the responsible thing to do. 

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