Dog Tips For Summer

Summer is here and that means it’s HOT outside. Is your dog safe? In today’s episode of Talkin’ Dogs, we’re going to talk about some tips to keep your dog cool and safe this summer.

1. Plenty of water

It’s not as easy for a dog to stay cool. If you’re planning a family day outside then make sure your dog has plenty of fresh, clean water. Throw your dog some shade too. Not that kind of shade. Some literal shade. Your dog will need some help staying cool. Dogs enjoy sunbathing but direct heat can be harmful so make sure they have the option to get some shade.

2. Sunscreen

Wait. Sunscreen? For a dog? No way! YES, WAY! Dogs get sunburns too. Dogs with light-colored or short fur are even more susceptible to sunburns. Ever had a sunburn that made you regret going out in the sun? Well, dog sunburns can hurt too. It can even lead to skin cancer. You can talk to your vet about sunscreen options for dogs. Make sure your sunscreen is labeled for animal use.

3. Dog’s Paws

We all know asphalt, sand, sidewalks, and everything in between can be extremely hot in the summer. Your dog’s paws can burn easily on hot asphalt. An easy way to check is to simply touch it with your hand. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. Not only can it burn their paws, but it can also cause them to overheat. One tip is to take walks in the morning or late evening when it’s a little cooler outside. Also, walking in grassy or wooded areas helps too. If you want your dog to be stylish you can look into some dog booties for his paws.

4. Short/Flat-Faced Dogs

Short or flat-faced dogs like bulldogs, pugs, and Pekingese have a hard time in the heat because they do not pant as efficiently. Bulldogs are especially intolerant to heat. These pets along with elderly, overweight, and those with medical conditions should be kept in cooler areas. They should have limited access to outside when the weather gets above 80 degrees. 

5. Vacation

Bringing your dog on vacation can be so much fun for you. Remember to make sure it’s fun for your dog too though. Never leave your dog in the car. Even if you’re running into a gas station. Stops are inevitable on a long road trip so make sure to stop at places that are dog friendly. The temperature inside a car can increase very fast and can be harmful to your dog. Plus, it’s illegal in most states. If camping is more your style then make sure to have a small first aid kit complete with tweezers and protective dog booties for injured paws. Also, make sure to avoid dangerous plants like poison ivy. The important thing is to have fun! Enjoy your vacation with your dog and take lots of pictures!

Thanks for watching!

Have any fun plans with your dog this summer? Let us know in the comments! Also, remember to contact your vet if you have any summer-related questions. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe. 

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