6 DIY Clothing & Accessory Ideas for Your Pooch

When you want to have the most stylish pup on the block, clothes from the pet store just won’t do it. Those clothes are often expensive and lack quality. Plus, what fashionable canine wants to be seen sporting the same outfit as the neighbor’s dog? Whether you have a handsome or a darling doggy diva, the do-it-yourself approach is the best way to create a truly one-of-a-kind wardrobe. Making DIY clothing and accessories for dogs is easier than you may think, and it’s a lot of fun. Check out these DIY clothing and accessory ideas for your pampered pooch.


Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or just looking to have a little fun with your canine companion, a costume is just what you need. While there are several pre-made options available, a DIY costume is a great way to really let your creative side shine through.

When designing canine costumes, there are a few things to keep in mind. Choose fabric materials that are comfortable for your dog, such as a sweater or sturdy blanket. Also, avoid making the costume too tight or restrictive. Do not obstruct your dog’s vision. Only allow your dog to wear his costume while under your close supervision. Never leave him unattended in a costume, and remove it at the first sign of discomfort.

With a cardboard box and some helium balloons, you can easily turn your pooch into the house from Disney’s Up.

Stripes of tulle material tied around an elastic band create a quick and easy tutu, and a cardboard tag fastened around your pup’s neck can transform your real dog into an adorable plushie. Regardless of your skill level, you can create an amazing DIY doggy costume. All it takes is a little time and creativity.

Up-cycled Shirts

If you need everyday wear like shirts for your dog, your own closet and your kids’ closets are good places to start. If you have a small dog, reconstructing a baby onesie is an easy way to create an adorable shirt. For larger dogs, you can use blank T-shirts or even sweaters. If you have a shirt that you really love and it’s still available in stores, pick up an extra, and reconstruct it to give your pup a matching top.

If you have an extra-small dog or puppy, you can even use a sock to make a cozy shirt. Simply cut off the toe and heel, and then make small cuts for your dog’s front legs in the foot part of the sock. In just a few seconds, you have a brand-new sweater (and a new use for all those mismatched socks!).

Bow Ties

Want to make your doggy look dapper without going overboard on clothing and accessories? Try a simple bow tie. You don’t even need to know how to sew to make one. Grab a 12-inch by 12-inch piece of cotton fabric, a ponytail holder, a glue gun, a measuring tape, and a pair of scissors, and get started on this easy no-sew DIY dog bow tie.

If you are looking for an even easier alternative, check your closets for a collared shirt that fits around your dog’s neck properly. Carefully cut the collar off the shirt, hem the edge, and use it as a fashionable dog collar. Easy peasy!

When making bow ties of any type, make sure they are not too tight around your dog’s neck. There should be room for two fingers to fit comfortably between your pup’s neck and anything worn around the neck. For bow ties that fasten around the neck rather than attaching to the collar, use elastic or hook and loop tape to avoid the risk of strangulation.

Custom Collars

Why put a store-bought collar on your pup when you can make your own? Custom collars are a great way to jazz up your dog’s wardrobe, and they are easy to make. You only need a few supplies to get started: a sewing machine, an iron, a measuring tape, spray starch, a D-ring, a tri-glide slide, a contoured side release buckle, nylon webbing, and fabric. You can choose any fabric you would like, but make sure it is durable and can be ironed. The fabric will be wrapped around the nylon webbing to create the collar, so it’s important to choose a material that will hold up to some wear and tear.

Learning how to make a custom dog collar is pretty straightforward. Check out the full tutorial to discover how to start making your canine companion a new collar for every season or event.

Cold Weather Wear

When the temperature drops, your pet can feel the chill, too. If you knit or crochet, there are countless patterns for cold weather doggy duds. If you are comfortable with a sewing machine, you can also modify an old button-down flannel shirt into a warm and cozy coat for your canine companion. This up-cycled dog coat is easy to make and will keep your four-legged friend warm and toasty all winter long.


When it comes to making a simple fashion statement, there’s nothing better than a bandana. Sure, you can buy bandanas for just a few dollars just about anywhere, but why not make your own? With a few simple steps, you can create beautiful no-sew dog bandanas using any fabric you like. This dog bandana slips right over your dog’s collar, and you can make it without any special skills or supplies.

Whether you’re trying to make your dog the most fabulous in town with creative canine couture or you want to help Fido stay warm on cold winter days, there are several DIY dog clothing and accessory projects for people of all skill levels. With a little patience and ingenuity, do-it-yourselfers can come up with some pretty fantastic fashions for their four-legged friends.

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