What to Know About Vacationing With Your Dog

Life is so much more fun when you have a dog. They love you unconditionally and will always be by your side, which makes it hard to leave them at home. Even going to work or school every day could be a struggle when they're giving you a puppy pout from their crate or the couch. The thought of leaving their dog makes people put off going on vacation, even if they really want to.

But you don't have to leave your dog with a friend or at a kennel if you're planning an upcoming trip. Dogs can go on vacation, too! If your dog is house trained and old enough, you've probably considered bringing them along before, especially now that there are more rental options for travelers that are pet friendly.

Before you both jump in the car, make sure you know what to expect when you're on vacation with your dog. Read on for some tips that will help you get everything straightened out so you can have a great trip with your dog, if it's right for both of you. Taking your dog on vacation will only be great if you both have a great time, so double check that you've thought of everything before you leave your house.

They're Going to be Nervous

As much as you talk to your dog, they won't actually know what's going on when you're both in the car on your way to your next vacation. They'll just be happy to be with you. When you both show up to a brand new place with all kinds of smells, it may be overwhelming and cause their nerves to spike. Bring their favorite toys and blankets to help them feel at home, and treat them to some extra love so they know everything's okay.

They May Act Differently

Even after they've spent the first night of a trip snuggling with you and acting like themselves, they may act differently once they're left at your rental spot alone. They don't destroy pillows and go to the bathroom on your rug while you're away from home, but an unknown place is a different story. Try not to leave your dog alone while you're on vacation, so they always feel comfortable and you don't have to pay for damages when you leave.

It Could Cost You More

Certain rental properties will charge you extra to bring your dog, which adds up quickly. This cost gets especially high if your dog ends up destroying something on that rental spot that doesn't belong to you. The ideal place to bring a dog on vacation is one where you don't have to double your vacation costs just to have their smiling face by your side.

That's where glamping comes in. When you go glamping, you can have the biggest tent, electricity, an air mattress and any other home comforts you'd miss on a normal camping trip. Your dog won't harm anything that isn't yours if they get nervous, and it won't cost you extra to have them with you depending on your glamping site. See if it's something you or your friends would be into so your dog can come with you on your next trip.

Your Vet Can Help

You've packed all their favorite toys, treats, food and leash, but what else are you missing? Call your vet and ask. Your vet will know better than anyone whether you're missing anything. They'll make sure your dog is caught up on all their shots and recommend ways to handle situations you may get into if your dog is prone to anxiety.

It's always best to know as much as you can about taking care of your dog away from home before you leave. See if there are pet fees where you're going, if your dog can go with you during the day, and if your vet has anything else to add. Vacations with your dog are only a little bit of prepping away, so do your research now to get on the road with your furry best friend.

Emily is a freelance wildlife conservation and pet blogger. To check out more of her work, see her blog, Conservation Folks, or follow her Twitter account @emilysfolk.

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