Home Automation and Pet Safety

Home automation allows you to do anything, from adjusting your thermostat to double-checking that the doors are locked and the alarm set when you go out on the town or take a vacation. But, have you stopped to think how advances in technology can keep your pets safe and healthy even when you're not at home? If you haven't embraced this exciting technology, what are you waiting for?

The right home automation can insure Rover gets fed on time, Fluffy has a clean litter box to use, and both get treats on a regular basis even when no human caregiver doles them out. Read on to discover seven ways you can utilize today's tech gadgets to keep your pets healthy, happy, and entertained even when their human has to travel.

1. Ensure Access to Food and Water

The days of filling up a giant bowl for Chester only to return home to discover he gobbled through it in one day and then sat hungry, are over. With automation, you can ensure your pets get fed on time and in the right amounts. Simply invest in an automated pet feeder which integrates with a system like Alexa and you're set.

Automation also can make sure your pets get adequate water while you're away. Many popular pet fountains hook to an external water supply they can tap into when things run dry. Automatic fountains prove particularly important for kitty parents—cats often refuse standing water, which can lead to dehydration and even kidney failure.

2. Keep Things Warm (or Cool) and Cozy

Fans of home automation adore being able to adjust the thermostat to kick up the heat or turn on the AC during the summer months before they arrive home from the office. For those traveling during months of extreme outdoor temperatures, such features do double duty in keeping Fifi and Rex comfy and cozy while you're away.

Since home automation puts climate control at your fingertips, you can easily maintain heat and/or cooling at a comfy setting for your precious pet. Plus, should a tragedy like a gas leak or fire occur, home automation systems can notify emergency personnel as well as alert them to the need to rescue your fur babies.

3. Protect Fido Outdoors

If you have a pit bull or other high-demand dog breed, be aware. Thieves have entered backyards and stolen such pets to sell them for profit.

If you've installed a covered dog run, you've taken the first step. Take the next by installing a monitoring camera outside and post prominent notices on fences and front doors announcing the property is covered by video surveillance. The thought of appearing on candid camera on morning news broadcasts is enough to deter many would-be crooks.

4. Let Puppies Out to Do Their Biz

Need to let Spot out without freeing your trio of felines? You still can use a doggie door activated via a special collar which opens only when the animal wearing it approaches. This way, your pooch can do his business while your other pets remain safely indoors.

5. Make Sure They Get Their Exercise

Pets grow depressed when they miss their owners, but regular play is critical for helping dogs and cats maintain healthy body weights and stave off diseases. Invest in some automated playthings for your four-legged friends and pull them out only when you go away.

Puppers adore having special comfort toys when their owner is away, and you can even play with your pets from a distance using your smartphone. Check out some of the best ones and keep your pet healthy and entertained even when you're out of town.

6. Send Them Long-Distance Love

Your doggie or kitty loves to hear your voice, even if, in the case of aloof felines, they feign ignoring you. Use home automation to video chat with your pet while you're away. You can monitor them from a distance or sing them a lullaby at night.

Home Automation Keeps Pets Safe

The miracle of modern technology helps you care for your pets even when you can't be with them. Utilize these ideas, and enjoy the peace of mind which comes with knowing your precious fur family is safe while you're away.

Emily is a freelance wildlife conservation and pet blogger. To check out more of her work, see her blog, Conservation Folks, or follow her Twitter account @emilysfolk.

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