5 Great Adventures to Take Your Dog on in Phoenix

The relatively inhospitable landscape around Phoenix and the intense heat in the summer might seem like a hindrance to spending time with your dog outside the house, but Phoenix has a lot of activities that both you and your special canine can enjoy—even in the middle of the desert!

Whether it is taking them with you when you exercise, bringing them to Chase Field, or simply taking them out for a tasty specialty dog treat, you are bound to find more to do with Fido and Spot than you originally thought in Phoenix.

Here are five suggestions for a great day out that both you and the pup will love!

1. Go for a Run

Phoenix is sometimes called the runner’s capital of the U.S. In the summer, the sweltering heat helps you sweat off a few more calories, and even in the winter the weather is perfect for being outdoors.

Dogs love exercise just as well as humans, if not more so! Next time you go out for a run, take the dog with you. Whether it is just around the neighborhood or going to a natural area to jog, your most loyal friend will grow to love you more as you’re not only taking them for a walk, you’re also helping them expend their boundless energy!

2. Trip to the Dog Park

This one might be obvious, but too many people don’t let their dogs interact with other dogs! It’s a tragedy, to be sure, but Phoenix has plenty of areas specifically for letting doggos socialize.

Some of the more well-known dog parks in the city include PetSmart Dog Park at Washington Park, Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena, and Hance Dog Park.

PetSmart Dog Park is a sponsored park that offers a lot of things for your dog to do. With two watering stations, disabled access, and plenty of shade and benches, this park has just about everything you need.

Echo Mountain is a park at the base of Grover’s Basin that was created by a neighborhood coalition in the area. It is over two acres in size, plenty of room to let your dog run around, play with other pets, and be free to explore.

Hance Dog Park is known for its great lighting at night—take the pup to the park anytime, day or night, for a fun experience in a gorgeous park!

3. Go for a Hike

Phoenix is great for hikers, with plenty of trails in the city as well as just outside of the city to take foot to. Most trails will let you bring your dog with you, but some protected areas will not in order to preserve and protect the natural wildlife from over-intrusion.

Some great places to take your dog for a walk in the great outdoors include South Mountain, the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, and the Lost Dog Wash Trail.

South Mountain has an array of trails suitable for canines and people alike.

The Dragonfly Trail of the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area is just under three miles in length, has incredibly dense forests of saguaro cactus, and even features a stream that the dog will love to take a dip or two in.

The Lost Dog Wash Trail might sound intimidating, as the name suggests, but it is actually an easy hike for any person and any animal who loves scenic views and light traffic.

4. For Peckish Puppers

Home to an array of shops that cater to canines, Phoenix is one of the best cities in the state for getting treats specifically for your dog.

Shake Shack is considered to be a very dog friendly chain, as long as your pup is well behaved, but they might not have any treats specifically for dogs.

The Noble Beast Natural Market for Pets is, as its name would suggest, a natural foods and treats shop for not just dogs, but cats and chickens too. You won’t find anything for humans here, but you can find a variety of different healthy treats and snacks for your pup, as well as supplements and other health-oriented goods.

These are just two suggestions, but remember, if you are planning on taking your dog to a store not listed here, be sure to call ahead to ask to make sure they allow pets inside!

5. Doggos and the Diamondbacks

One of the most unique and memorable things you can do with your pup in Phoenix every year is visit Chase Stadium, home of the Diamondbacks, to watch a game together.

There is a special patio sponsored by Petco for audience members with pets, and every Sunday guests human and canine alike are encouraged to enjoy this national pastime together. Just make sure your excited pupper doesn’t try to go for the ball—it might result in some jealous stares from the other pups!

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