• Forced-to-Say-Goodbye-to-Her-Dog,-This-Girl-Wrote-a-Heartfelt-Letter-to-His-Future-Family-1.jpg

    Forced to Say Goodbye to Her Dog, This Girl Wrote a Heartfelt Letter to His Future Family

    If you were a child whose family decided to give up your dog for adoption, how would you react? This girl’s touching letter to the future owner of his pet serves as an example to us all.

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  • Would-You-Want-Your-Newspaper-Delivered-By-a-Dog-2.jpg

    Would You Want Your Newspaper Delivered By a Dog?

    If you’re lucky enough to live on Simmons Drive in Boulder, Colorado, there’s a chance that your daily paper is being brought to your door by a dutiful golden retriever named Quincy.

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  • Puppy-Bowl-XIII-Highlights.jpg

    Puppy Bowl XIII Highlights

    Sure, there was a historic victory during this year’s Super Bowl, but the excitement wasn’t limited to the NGR Stadium in Houston, Texas. If you caught any of the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIII, you know puppies were the real stars last Sunday. Here are some of the highlights for this year’s game.

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  • Longest-Tail-CKC-3.jpg

    A Truly Tall Tail

    This Irish wolfhound just broke the Guinness World Record for longest tail on a dog!

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  • Dachshunds-Are-Awesome!.jpg

    Dachshunds Are Awesome!

    Check out these mischievous little sausage dogs doing what they do best: filling our day with lots of laughter!

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