Amazing Therapy Dogs (Video)


In one of our recent Talkin’ Dogs videos, we discussed everyday dogs that saved people. These dogs were famous for their heroic actions to keep others safe or lead to rescues. But some dogs help people as an everyday job! In this episode, we look at some amazing therapy dogs. 

1. Elsa the Pit Bull 

The first entry on our list is not only a great companion but an inspiration as well. Elsa, an American Pit Bull Terrier, was a rescue dog from an abusive situation. She was adopted by Kelly Dann when she was only a few months old. When Elsa was a year old, she suffered a spinal cord stroke that paralyzed her. After months of rehab, Elsa still couldn’t walk but could hobble, got stronger, and now lives a very happy life. To keep Elsa active, she and Kelly visit the patients of the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver on Tuesdays. Elsa’s story makes her an inspiration to everyone and is an encouragement to those in rehab. Today, Elsa and other Pit Bull Terriers are fulfilling roles in law enforcement, therapy work, and assisting individuals with special needs.

2. Lexy the German Shepherd

Lexy, a German Shepherd, worked with her partner Major Christina Rumayor, a psychiatrist for the military. While stationed in Hawaii, Major Christina chose Lexy, who was eight weeks old then, as her companion to help the soldiers they worked with in the army. At Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Lexy was the first therapy dog! She and Major Christina have helped soldiers with mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. She, and other dogs that work in the military, have proven to be great morale boosters and hardworking animals. The German Shepherd, especially, is intelligent and capable of learning and discerning many tasks and activities. Their temperament and abilities make them great candidates for therapy work.

3. Spartacus the Akita

Fiercely loyal and courageous, the American Akita breed makes excellent companions and watchdogs. They are intelligent, and doing work like therapy keeps them interested, motivated, and engaged. This entry on our list made a big impact with his therapy work. Spartacus the Akita was brought in after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. He also comforted Jonathan Law High School students when one of their classmates was killed. He has helped many children process the difficult times they endured and touched so many lives by being a calm presence for those who needed him.

4. Xander the Pug

Like Elsa the Pit Bull, Xander the Pug also has a disability. When he was just a year old, Xander was involved in an accident that left him blind. That has not stopped him from making a difference, though! He was put up for adoption at the Klamath Animal Shelter in Oregon but was not there for long. Marcie and Rodney Beedy, volunteers at the shelter, fell in love with the sweet little dog and adopted him! They got him certified as a therapy dog, and he brings smiles to everyone he meets! The Pug breed overall is charming and even-tempered. They are known for their outgoing, sociable, and playful nature. They are especially suitable lap dogs, possessing a strong devotion toward their family, and this applies well to work as therapy dogs.

Outro: Therapy dogs help so many people around the world! It takes a balanced temperament and a lot of training to become certified as a therapy dog, but the comfort and love they can give a person is unmatched. Even your dog could do therapy work depending on their energy level, ability to adapt to situations, and ability to carry out commands calmly.

As a dog registration organization, CKC does not provide testing, evaluation, or certification of therapy, emotional support, or service dogs. However, several reputable organizations do provide testing for therapy dogs, including; Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs Inc.), Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Love on a Leash, Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society), and Therapy Dogs International. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Interested to know who was the first dog to work in therapy? Check out our recent blog article titled “The First Therapy Dog”. Check out our recent videos and new reels for more information on other amazing dogs and dog facts!

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