October's Featured Breed: The Pug

Like his cousins, the Pekingese and the Shih Tzu, the Pug originated in China around 400 BCE. In China, he served as a companion to Chinese royalty only, since it was illegal for anyone other than those in the court of the Emperor to own such dogs. Several hypotheses surround the development of these jovial little dogs, as well as their exact routes out of the East and into the West. However, the most probable scenario is that the dogs were brought to Holland by the Dutch or Portuguese merchants who traded with China. 

Today, the Pug is one of the most easily recognizable breeds in the world. With his endearing nature and comical (sometimes guilt-inducing) appearance, he has won the hearts of not only royalty, but all kinds of people the world over. 

Pugs weigh 14-18 pounds and have a height of 10-14 inches. Pugs are a charming and even-tempered breed. They are known for their outgoing, sociable, and playful nature. They are intelligent and capable of learning many commands and tricks. Pugs are an especially suitable lap dog, possessing a strong devotion toward his family.
Want to know more about the Pug? Click here to learn more about the breed standard. 

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