How to Submit Your CKC Registration Application

Continental Kennel Club offers several types of registration services, depending on your needs. We also strive to provide the best customer service to you in providing ways for you to submit your registration paperwork.  

In this blog, we describe the different types of applications and services we provide.

Puppy Registration Application 

  • If you recently purchased a puppy from a CKC Breeder, you should have received a preprinted Puppy Registration Application.
  • The Preprinted Puppy Application provided at the time you purchased your new puppy, serves as verification that the litter was registered with CKC, and ensures the puppy's eligibility for official registration with Continental Kennel Club Inc.
  • The Puppy app should be submitted immediately to protect your rights and privileges as a CKC member and transfer the puppy into your name.
  • A Preprinted Puppy Application can be submitted on our website, by mail, by fax, or email.
  • More information can be found at

Canine Registration Application 

  • If you would like to register an adult dog with Continental Kennel Club, we offer several registration options for adult canines. 
  • The Canine Applications is for three kinds of canines: first, a dog whose parents are both CKC registered; secondly, a dog who is registered with a CKC-recognized registry; or, lastly, a dog whose parents are both registered with a CKC-recognized registry. 
  • A Canine Application can be submitted by fax, mail, or email.
  • More information can be found at

PAW Registration Application 

  • The PAW, or Picture and Witness Program, is a canine evaluation program unique to CKC for dogs with lost or non-existent paperwork. 
  • This evaluation is a stringent process. We accept only the best representations of certain breeds with the highest passing evaluation scores. The PAW program has enrolled thousands of dogs back into the breeding program that otherwise would have been lost forever, thereby creating a healthier gene pool. 
  • Currently, the PAW Application may only be submitted by mail.
  • More information can be found at

Non-Purebred Canine Registration 

  • This app is used to apply for registration of mixed-breed, adult canines commonly referred to as: designer breeds, miscellaneous crossbreeds, hybrids, or mixed breeds. 
    • Examples include: Labradoodles, malti-poos, morkies, and the like. 
  • It is also used for canines with undocumented ancestry and/or who have no registration paperwork
  • To apply, the dog must be at least six months of age, and the owner must follow the other requirements and guidelines found on the application.
  • Currently, the PAW Application may only be submitted by mail.
  • More information can be found at

Litter Registration Form

  • A Litter Application is used if you are the breeder of a puppy litter, do not own the litter's sire, and wish to register this litter with CKC. 
  • The printed form is NOT required, and the litter may be registered online or by phone if:
    • Both the sire and dam are CKC registered and
    • The breeder owns both the sire and dam
  • Registering a litter is how a Breeder gets the previously mentioned Preprinted Puppy Applications that each new puppy owner receives with their dog.
  • The Litter Registration Application may be submitted by mail, fax, or email,
  • More information can be found at

As we continue to strive for excellence, these services may change over time. To get started, you can visit for more information and submit your application. 

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