PAW Registration

Picture and Witness Evaluation and Registration

What is Picture and Witness (PAW) Registration?

Picture and Witness Registration (or PAW) provides an opportunity for purebred dogs of proper breed type to be considered for registration with Continental Kennel Club (CKC). The PAW evaluation program employs the use of photographs, witnesses, and physical measurements to determine how well the applicant canine fits the breeds standard, as set forth by CKC. Please note that submitting a PAW application does not guarantee that the applicant canine will be accepted for registration with CKC.

The PAW Program is NOT to be used for:

  • Canines in which the breed is not certain.
  • Canines that are currently pregnant, nursing, or have a litter already born waiting for paperwork, as this is not a guarantee of registration

Upon receipt of the PAW application, CKC will evaluate specific photographs of the canine to determine if the canine is eligible for CKC registration. PAW applications may be rejected outright with no evaluation at CKC’s sole discretion. In these cases, no evaluation will be done, and the application, photos, and fees will be returned to the applicant.

Applicant canines that pass the PAW Evaluation are accepted for registration by CKC. Canines will receive an official CKC Certificate of Registration displaying his/her photograph and a wallet-sized Photo ID Card. 

How to register using PAW

To be eligible for evaluation through the PAW program, the applicant canine must be purebred and of proper breed type. Only canines of approved CKC breeds may be considered for registration under the rules and guidelines of the program. 

You will need:

  • a completed PAW application
  • two witnesses at least 18 years of age to attest to the dog's purebred status
  • a $50 evaluation fee (non-refundable)
  • five photographs of the applicant canine

Check CKC's PAW Eligible Breeds list before you apply. Only the breeds on this list are eligible for PAW Registration

Photograph Requirements

All photographs submitted are part of the dog’s permanent record and become the property of CKC, Inc. upon receipt.

  1. The dog should take up approximately 75% of each photograph submitted.
  2. The dog MUST be in a standing position on a solid, level surface in each photograph; photographs in which the dog is sitting, lying down, or being held will NOT be used for evaluation.
  3. The view of the dog should not be obstructed by any object, person, or other canines; fences, tall grass, or large chains and collars interfere with the outline and proportions of the dog.
  4. The dog MUST be at least one year of age or older in all photographs submitted; photographs must be taken within last 30 days.
  5. The photographs MUST be original pictures of the dog and MUST be printed on photo-quality paper; photos submitted in any other format (CD, memory card, emailed, non-photo paper, etc.) will NOT be used for evaluation.
  6. The photographs MUST be a minimum of 4 IN. x 6 IN. in size; photos MUST NOT be edited, altered or touched-up in any way.
  7. The photographs MUST be taken from a position that is eye-level with the canine; photographs taken from an over-head angle or with the dog moving will NOT be used for evaluation.
  8. The photographs MUST NOT be blurry, grainy, black and white, or discolored.

Photograph View Requirements

CKC encourages dog owners to submit more than the minimum required 5 photographs to assist with the evaluation process.

  1. a profile photograph of the dog’s head
  2. a photograph of the dog’s entire left side
  3. a photograph of the dog’s entire right side
  4. a photograph of the dog’s entire front
  5. a photograph of the dog’s entire rear

Additional photographs may be requested for proof of breed-specific characteristics, such as double-dewclaws in some mountain, pastoral, or herding breeds, dorsal views of ridged-back breeds.

CKC may request that dogs be groomed in a breed-appropriate clip or style in photographs for better evaluation.

Reasons For Rejection

PAW applications for evaluation may be rejected outright at CKC’s sole discretion. In these cases, no formal evaluation will be done, and the application, photos, and fees will be returned to the applicant.

Reasons for this may include:

  • The dog submitted exhibits an incorrect overall type or feature that would result in failing the evaluation. Please note: Since the dog is not evaluated, we do not provide the reason for this rejection. 
  • The dog submitted does not exhibit a standard coat color or type as outlined in the breed's official CKC written standard.
  • The dog submitted is not in a healthy or proper condition to be evaluated. Reasons for improper condition may include: 
    1. The dog is pregnant, recently whelped, or still lactating
    2. The dog is obese or underweight
    3. The dog exhibits some other obvious health issue

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