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    How Dogs on Social Media Are Making a Difference

    These dogs aren’t just social media stars—they’re also changing lives for the better.

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  • 10-Interesting-Facts-about-the-Iditarod-Preview.jpg

    10 Interesting Facts about the Iditarod

    Known as the “last great race on earth,” read on to find out more about the Iditarod.

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    Breed Spotlight: the Border Collie

    Learn more about the Border Collie dog breed.

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    Breeding and Dams: What You Should Know

    So, you have a dam and believe she would make an excellent mother for a litter. Well, before you get started with the preparations, you need to be sure that the timing will be right and the conditions will be as safe and ideal as possible. Read on to learn about the best time to get started, the proper precautions you will need to take, and the steps you can take to make the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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    5 End of Summer Activities You Can Do with Your Dog

    Fall is fast approaching, but there’s still time to have some summer fun with your favorite pooch!

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