5 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Losing Weight

Dogs, in general, are greedy for food. You may have noticed that your little furry friend always seems to be hungry. Well, such behavior is not unusual.

As a responsible pet owner, you should prevent him from overeating so that he will not experience the ill effects of obesity. But what if he suddenly begins losing a lot of weight for no apparent reason?

Well, the worry is reasonable. Just like sudden weight gain, sudden weight loss can also be a cause for concern.

While this list is no substitute for a veterinarian’s diagnosis (if you notice your dog rapidly losing weight, bring him to the vet immediately for examination), here is a list of the possible causes for this phenomenon:

1. Diabetes

Older dogs are more prone to have diabetes, but pups can show signs of the disease as well. The illness occurs when the blood is unable to absorb sugar, or simply, leading to low levels of insulin in the blood. A diabetic dog will can have an increased appetite yet still lose weight. The disease is mainly hereditary, but it is also commonly found in older, overweight dogs.

2. Thyroid

Hormonal imbalance can lead to thyroid problems. Hyperthyroidism can cause weight loss due to an increased metabolic rate.

3. Liver disease

A lack of sugar and carbs essential to the body and supplied by the liver can cause liver diseases in dogs. In such circumstances, the liver of your dog becomes unable to provide the body with the required nutrition when your dog eats nutritious food. This will result in weight loss.

Treatment of liver disease in dogs depends on the type of liver disease your dog is suffering from. Generally, your veterinarian may prescribe a different diet for your dog, along with medications. This is why it’s important to consult a vet immediately if you suspect that your dog may have liver disease, since early detection and diagnosis enables faster treatment of the disease.

4. Parasites or tapeworms

Internal parasites and tape worms are one of the leading causes of weight loss in dogs. If your dog is carrying a tapeworm, the nutrients of whatever he eats will be taken by the tapeworms. The parasites will continue to breed and sap the nutrients from your dog’s food while he continues to lose weight.

The best and probably only remedy in such a situation is to remove the parasites with the appropriate medication. Consult your vet to learn which medication to use and how it should be administered.

5. Anxiety

If your dog is not feeling confident or safe in his surroundings, then he may stop eating and lose weight as a result. This is why it’s especially important to make sure your dog has confidence in you and feels secure in his environment.

A thunder shirt, more exercise, distraction, massage, and supplements are some of the standard treatments given to dogs experiencing anxiety. It is mostly and mainly a psychological problem hence, so visiting a behavioral consultant can help. But what is most important, apart from visiting and taking suggestions from experts, is to spend some more time with your furry friend.

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There are many other reasons why weight loss occurs in dogs, such as mouth lesions, dental problems, pregnancy, and Addison’s disease. But the listed health issues tend to be the most common causes.

Many factors can also lead to weight loss in dogs, such as aging or a sudden change of environment. But what is most important is that you keep an eye on your dog. Whenever you see abnormalities that you haven’t noticed before—especially decreasing weight—early consultation with a vet can be the best way forward. After all, your furry little friend depends on you, so it is your responsibility to give him the best care.

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