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    How to Prevent Your Puppy from Chewing on Your Personal Belongings

    Like any other baby, puppies like to chew on just about anything they can find. But chewing is more than just an annoyance—it can also be dangerous. Here are a few tips to help you eliminate this undesirable behavior.

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  • how to train your dog to be kid friendly.png

    How to Train Your Dog to be Kid Friendly

    A dog can be a child’s best friend. But if that dog has no prior experience with kids, it can mean big trouble when he finally meets one.

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  • dos-an-donts-potty.jpg

    DOs and DON'Ts of Potty Training a Puppy

    Keep your puppy happy and your house tidy by following this helpful list of potty training dos and don’ts.

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  • Breeding-and-Dams---What-You-Should-Know.jpg

    Breeding and Dams: What You Should Know

    So, you have a dam and believe she would make an excellent mother for a litter. Well, before you get started with the preparations, you need to be sure that the timing will be right and the conditions will be as safe and ideal as possible. Read on to learn about the best time to get started, the proper precautions you will need to take, and the steps you can take to make the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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  • 10-Things-to-Do-Before-Your-New-Puppy-Arrives-3.jpg

    10 Things to Do Before Your New Puppy Arrives

    Your family is about to welcome a newcomer, so of course you need to prepare for her arrival. A puppy is a lot like a baby. She is too little to care herself, so there are a number of things that you, as a responsible pet owner, will need to do for her.

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