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    When Is It Time to Switch from Puppy Food to Adult Dog Food?

    If you’re caring for a puppy, she’s going to require the right food to grow properly and healthily. But, while you may be meeting her nutritional needs with puppy formula, it is important to know when it’s time to make the change to adult dog food. Find out why puppy food is important, and learn why switching to adult food is equally important when a dog reaches maturity.

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    10 Tips for Supplementing Your Dog's Regular Diet

    Your dog may enjoy his kibble, but if that’s all he eats, he may be missing out on a number of health-sustaining nutrients. Here are 10 tips to help you supercharge your dog’s diet with supplements that are good and good for him.

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    How Enzymes in Dog Food Aid in Digestion

    If you’re a cautious pet parent who likes to read the label before buying your dog’s food, there’s a strong chance that you’ve recently come across brands that tout the health benefits of digestive enzymes. Learn about the important role enzymes play in your dog’s diet, and find out if enzyme supplements .

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    How to Slow Down Your Speed-Eating Pooch

    Does your dog gobble up his dinner in no-time flat? A dog that eats too quickly is at risk for a number of serious health problems. Find out why this behavior is so harmful and what you can do to stop it.

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    Why Are Pumpkins So Good For Our Dogs?

    Did you know that adding sensible portions of pumpkin to your dog’s diet can bring him a bevy of health benefits? Read on to see how a little pumpkin here and there can change your dog’s life for the better.

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