5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter & Springtime with Your Pup!

Easter is in the air, and it’s time to celebrate spring with your pup! Today we’re bringing you five fun ways to celebrate spring and Easter with your dog, from pooch-approved Easter egg hunt and baskets to springtime cleaning and outdoor adventure ideas!

1. Put Together a Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Obviously we can’t recommend having your dog sniff out chocolate-filled eggs, but there’s no reason why Fido can’t participate in the sniff-and-hunt fun with a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt!

First, crate your dog or keep him contained while you hide tasty dog treats around the house or outside in the yard. Keep treats ground- or nose-level so that you don’t inadvertently encourage your dog to jump up on tables or counter tops. Finally, release the hounds and watch your dog sniff out the hidden goodies!

If your dog is relatively gentle, you can put the treats in plastic Easter eggs for added cuteness, but in this case you’ll want to leash and carefully watch your dog during the hunt to make sure he doesn’t chomp on those plastic eggs.

Be sure to use eggs that are on the larger side to avoid any choking hazards. For good egg-hunt treats, try hot dog pieces, string cheese, bacon, or your dog’s favorite moist treats (the stinkier the better, especially if your dog is new to nose work). Once your dog finds an egg, pick it up right away so your dog doesn’t munch on the plastic, and then hand over the treat!

This is a great nose work exercise, and if your dog seems to enjoy the treasure hunt experience, consider incorporating this hide-and-find-the-treats exercise into your regular routine.

Setting up a scavenger hunt right before you leave for work in the morning gives your dog something to do while you’re gone and can actually make you leaving for work a fun and rewarding experience for your pooch!

2. Whip up a Dog-Friendly Easter Cake

Want to indulge your pup with an Easter treat? While Peeps and chocolate bunnies are a no-go, there are plenty of dog-friendly cake recipes that will let you whip up a healthy, pooch-approved treat for your dog. We can’t think of many better ways to spoil your pup.

Most dog-friendly cakes rely on pumpkin puree, apple puree, or sugar-free peanut butter for main flavor ingredients (some recipes even include all three)! A Greek yogurt and peanut butter frosting can be used to top your Easter cake creation.

A top pick has to be this Sweet and Salty Dog Cake from Parsnips and Pastries—it even includes a crumbled bacon topping to really drive your pooch bonkers!

3. Mix up Your Daily Walks

Springtime means sunnier weather and longer walks around the neighborhood. While you’re at it, why not try something new with a dog walking game? Walking games are great for spicing up your dog’s daily walks and keeping your pooch challenged with new walking skills.

Try your hand at urban agility, using treats to encourage your dog to jump up on park benches or even weave between sign posts (for more advanced students).

Heeling practice is another solid walking game that’s fun as well as useful to stop your dog from tugging on the leash.

Remember, dogs like to have a little excitement added to their standard routine, just like we humans do! Spicing up your daily walks is an easy way to add a dose of fun into your dog’s life.

4. Spoil Your Dog with a Doggy Easter Basket

Fur parents never really need a reason to shower their pooch with goodies, but Easter is as good a reason as any! Why not put together a dog-friendly Easter basket for your pup to enjoy?

Some favorite suggestions include interactive puzzle toys to engage your canine’s brain, some cute Easter-themed plush squeakies, a few mega-tasty dog chews for all-day chomping, and maybe a snazzy bowtie dog collar so your pup can dress in his Sunday best!

5. Spring Cleaning For You and Your Pooch

Part of spring means brushing out all that dust and dirt accumulated over the winter—and we bet your dog could use a good brushing as well!

Now is a great time to work out some of those mats that might have taken root in your dog’s coat over the winter, as well as give your dog a solid shampooing!

If your dog has an unruly mane, consider taking him to the groomer or even mixing it up a bit by getting a new cut for your pooch (your groomer can suggest some ideas)!

Owners might want to also consider investing in a vacuum designed for pet hair as you do spring cleaning of your own. This is doubly important if you have family members who have pet dander allergies!

Do you have any of your own ideas for celebrating spring with your pup? What will you put in your dog’s Easter basket? Let us know your thoughts!

This contributor post comes from Meg Marrs, Founder of K9 of Mine, a site dedicated to helping owners be the best caretakers for their canine companions!

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