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6 Tips for Adventuring with Your Dog

Adventures can have an incredible impact on us. They can uplift our spirits. They can keep us physically and mentally healthy. They can introduce us to new cultures, people, and passions. Adventures also give us a chance to bond not just with friends and family but with our dogs too. 

Exploring, traveling, and adventuring with your dog often are some of the best ways to learn about them and grow your relationship. Just be sure you’re keeping them safe and doing what you can to ensure they have as much fun as you do in every experience. These six tips will help you do that. 

Prepare Your Dog Physically 

Even if your dog mentally can take on any hill, they may not be physically capable of doing so. Even the low-impact hikes will take a toll on your dog physically. If you don’t prepare your dog physically for adventures, it’ll be hard to get them to go on one, let alone others after. 

So, get them in shape for all the traveling, exploring, and doing that’ll happen during your adventures. An excellent first step is visiting your veterinarian. They can tell you if your dog has any physical ailments to be aware of as you adventure. They can also advise you on improving your dog’s physical fitness. 

Be sure to keep up with daily walks and exercise to further prepare your dog for regular adventures. 

Find Pet-friendly Places to Adventure

We’d love it if our dogs could go any and everywhere with us. But the reality is, they can’t. Still, there are so many pet-friendly places you can take your dog for an adventure. Just do the research to find them. For example, some of the best drives you’ll ever take are to and through national parks. National parks are also great adventure spots for you and your dog. However, they aren’t all pet-friendly. 

From the wild animals to how vast the land is to trying to preserve the safety and comfortability of the people exploring them, dogs may not be welcome in every national park. Doing a quick online search for national parks in your area before visiting them will ensure you choose those safe for dogs to enjoy too. 

Pack and Prep Beforehand

Spontaneous adventures can be incredibly fulfilling and fun. But they aren’t necessarily the best choice for those of us adventuring with our dogs. You must ensure they have everything they need and where you’re going suits them. 

The last thing you want to do is get halfway through a road trip and realize you left your dog’s medication or something else integral to them having a successful adventure. So, packing and prepping beforehand is a must for every adventurePack at least the night before. Bring the essentials, like: 

  • Food and water
  • Dog toys and bedding
  • Collar or harness
  • First aid kit
  • Your dog’s medications
  • Treats
  • Leash
  • Waste bags 
  • Grooming tools
  • Current ID tags 
  • Vaccination records 

Mapping out the details of your adventure is also essential. Be sure you know where you’re going and the rules for pets when you get there. 

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car 

For most of your adventures, you’ll most likely need your car to get to and from your adventures. Ensure it, and this traveling method is the safest and most comfortable option for your dog. That way, they’ll be energized and capable when it’s time to get out and seek adventure rather than tired and reluctant. 

The first step in keeping your dog safe in the car is getting them acclimated to your vehicle. Work with them until they know how your vehicle sounds, moves, and feels. Try quite a few short-distance trips before moving into longer ones. 

Also, consider getting a pet ramp to help your dog get in and out of your car easily. Use a barrier, crate, or carrier to keep them in one spot in your vehicle. Enable the child locks on your windows. And never let them sit in your lap while you drive. 

Keep Them Fed and Hydrated 

It’s easy to get so caught up in an adventure that you neglect to eat and hydrate as you should. You may be able to move through your adventure despite this. But your dog won’t be able to adventure with you off pure adrenaline. 

Keep them fed and hydrated throughout your adventure to ensure your dog is at their best from beginning to end. Put reminders in your phone if you have to. Just be sure you’re taking plenty of water breaks and feeding them at least one hearty meal before, during, and after your adventure. Keep treats and small snacks on deck too.


Do Activities Your Dog Will Love 

The adventure isn’t solely for you to enjoy. It’s got to be exciting and fun for your dog as well if you want your adventures to be meaningful for both of you. So, choose some activities to do when you get to your destination that your dog will love. 

These activities include: 

  • Hiking and camping
  • Playing with other dogs
  • Visiting indoor or outdoor dog parks
  • Going on a walking tour of the city 
  • Going on a bike ride together
  • Going to the beach for a swim day
  • Dog games like fetch or hide and seek with treats

Wherever you go, make sure you have some activities planned for your dog.  

Final Thoughts

Adventuring alone is fun. But traveling and exploring with your dog is even more worthwhile and exciting. Do so safely and comfortably with the tips above. 

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