5 Ways Dogs Can Positively Affect Your Academic Performance

5 Ways Dogs Can Positively Affect your Academic Performance

Dogs are often cited as “man’s best friend” for a variety of legitimate reasons. Besides being adorable and helping you start conversations with people outside, dogs can also be great learning companions. Did you know they can also help you become better at your college assignments?

Having a furry friend near you while you read books, writing assignments, or do college research can make the entire process more engaging and productive. Let’s talk about how you can benefit from owning a dog and having it assist you in your academic assignments!

1. Adopt an Anti-Stress Mentality

Dogs are amazing at making us feel better when we’re under the weather. Having your dog next to you can make tackling big college assignments or short deadlines that much easier. According to an NIH study, dogs can not only promote a more positive mood but also provide you with helpful anti-stress effects for your mind and body.

Petting your dog, playing with it, or giving it treats occasionally can lift your spirits when you’re drowning in academic work. We all know how stressful college can be, and dogs can make the entire ordeal that much easier to overcome.

2. Read More Quickly and Efficiently

Reading is at the core of what you’ll do at college, no matter which major you choose to pursue. You’ll often have to cover seemingly endless page counts in a matter of days just to finish an important paper on time. A UC Davis study reported that dogs can help young people develop their reading comprehension skills by being close to them.

Whether you’re just starting your college journey or are already a senior, a dog can help you focus on reading and comprehend what you’re looking at. This can make your college paper writing more successful, as you’ll read through studies and books more quickly and get to the writing part faster than before.

3. Improve your Heart Condition

Even though you’re young now, taking care of your heart from an early age can pay off in spades later in life. Dogs can affect your heart condition in significant ways by being close to you all the time.

A Harvard Medical School publication indicated that dog owners have lower blood pressure and lowered risk of heart disease as a result of that. This goes hand-in-hand with college stress, as you can often get stressed, anxious, scared, and otherwise unwell, which will naturally increase your heart rate. Owning a dog and doing your college assignments with it nearby can significantly improve your heart condition in the long run.

4. Increase Your Physical Activity

The best thing about owning a dog is that you’ll have to take it for walkies at least once every day. This is a great opportunity for you to stretch your legs and take a small break from studying! Based on The Journal of Physical Activity and Health, people who own dogs are much more likely to take frequent walks for no reason other than to get some fresh air.

As a student, this can be an amazing remedy for endless hours spent writing papers or researching important academic topics. Best of all, you don’t have to waste any time going out with your dog by using a reliable service to get the best essays for college students. You’ll improve not only your fitness but also get all of your work done on time – what more could you ask for?

5. Become More Sociable in College

The one thing you’ll always need to do with your dog is to talk to it. Dogs are amazing listeners, and you’ll have a difficult time training yours to follow commands if you don’t speak to them constantly. According to a PLOS ONE research article, animal companions can dramatically improve your social skills.

This is because you’ll learn to instinctively express yourself through words just as you would with your dog close by. Making new friends, communicating with professors, and getting your point across verbally will become second nature to you. It’s an amazing perk of having a dog, and it will come to you naturally without putting much effort into it.

In Conclusion

While studying, writing, or doing research with your dog by your side can be helpful, it doesn’t mean you should go and get one for that reason. Dogs are a lot of work, and you’ll need to keep an eye out so that they’re not hungry thirsty and that they’re clean, well-groomed, and happy. Let’s not forget the walks and playtime you’ll have to fit into your busy college schedule!

However, dogs can brighten your everyday academic life and help you not only feel better about the work you do but about yourself as a person. Dogs are invaluable as friends, partners, roommates, and pets – you’ll grow as an individual simply by having one under your care.

Bio: Nicole Garrison is a professional content writer, editor, and copywriter who contributes to SupremeDissertations and other noteworthy digital publications and websites. Nicole is passionate about academic writing, and she’s on the lookout for clients and students who want to pay to write paper assignments and essays. She spends her free time reading, journaling, and spending time outdoors with her pet dogs.

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