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Tips on Making Your Dog a Social Butterfly

Socialization is a vital part of helping your puppy live a happy, fear-free life. It allows them to explore and understand the new world around them effectively. And puppies love to investigate their surroundings and environment anyway! They need to encounter as many new sights, sounds, smells, situations, people, and other animals as possible. This can begin the moment they come home and should continue into adulthood. Build your pup's confidence by emphasizing the pleasures of these experiences and allowing their temperament to develop correctly.

Dog parks and puppy play dates in the backyard are great for socialization, but you can also help your puppy socialize in more creative ways!

Stage an Open-House Party

Invite a few neighbors, family members, or friends to stop by one day. Encourage them to come and go for short visits. Include guests of as many ages, races, sizes, and shapes as possible for your puppy to see, meet, and be comfortable with. You can even have some props set up for your guests to change into before meeting your puppy. You can ask them to wear hats, wigs, sunglasses, costumes, funny makeup, beards, mustaches, etc. Playing music, laughing loudly, clapping, and making faces will also help your puppy socialize. Don't force or bribe your puppy to interact with your guests, though. Let them set the pace and reward their decision to explore.

Go On Adventures

Switch up your routine walking paths. Walk by basketball courts and stop to watch for a few minutes or go by coffee shops and restaurants with outdoor seating. Wherever you go, though, remember that puppies are like magnets. Don't let people crowd or smother your puppy. Monitor the interactions and then move along after a few moments. The goal is sensory stimulation, not sensory overload.

Make Some Noise

Play CDs with firework or thunder sounds, run the vacuum or dishwasher and heat a tea kettle. You can blow dry your hair, hammer a few nails, use a drill, sing in the shower, close cabinet doors, and more. Making noise lets your puppy know that everyday sounds are not scary, but remember to let them set the pace. Make positive encounters a priority by using learned skills in the noise's presence (like "Sit") and rewarding your puppy's successful performance.

Run Errands Together

Some grocery stores, hardware stores, and outdoor markets allow dogs to enter as long as they're leashed. This is a perfect way to introduce your puppy to different people, smells, and places. No eating the merchandise, though! Call ahead and make sure that dogs are allowed in your local stores. You can also bring your pup to outdoor sporting events such as high school football games, soccer games, or track and field events. There are several people, smells, and sounds at events, so it's a great way to get your puppy socialized.


Introducing your puppy to new things at a young age is very beneficial, especially as they transition into adulthood. They will scratch, sniff, and nose their way around from the moment they are born to about three to four weeks of age. They naturally want to explore! But by about twelve weeks, that window for shaping positive experiences begins to close. It's not impossible to socialize after twelve weeks, but the process becomes increasingly difficult as your puppy grows. Good early socialization will give them the happy, fear-free life they deserve!

You can find more information and tips in our book Puppies 101: A Complete Guide to Life with your Pup.

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