WATCH: What Are the Best Family Dogs?

Even if you have the perfect family, if you don’t own a dog, there’s a good chance that you’ll have that nagging feeling that something’s missing—and for good reason. Dogs didn’t get their reputation as man’s best friend for nothing. The bond between dogs and humans goes back thousands of years, and that time together has led to the development of skills and traits that helped certain dog breeds meet the work and life needs of their owners and families.

But how do you know which breed has the qualities that you’re looking for in a family companion today? Well, whether you’re looking for a high-energy running buddy or a couch potato, Krist and Devin have you covered with a list of eight breeds that would make a fine addition to the family.

Are you looking for a dog that has lots of energy but is also gentle around children? Look no further than the (rightfully) beloved golden retriever. Goldens tend to have a great temperament, and they enjoy their fair share of outdoor play, including dips in the nearby pool or pond.

But, of course, if your family isn’t incredibly active outdoors, a golden retriever might not be the perfect fit for your living situation. Instead, you may want to consider inviting a Newfoundland into your home. These gentle giants are active but not quite as active as golden retrievers, and their exercise requirements aren’t quite as high. As you would expect, these dogs are excellent with children, which has led some to describe them as “nanny dogs” due to their affable and tender nature towards kids. Of course, if you plan to introduce a Newfoundland to your family, make sure you have a living space that can accommodate the breed’s considerable size.

But, if space is an issue, you may want to look into the abundantly playful and compact beagle. Like the Newfoundland, a beagle’s energy levels and exercise demands are moderate. And, also like the Newfoundland, the beagle gets along excellently with kids, and they will have a great time wearing each other out while having fun outdoors.

We hope this video will make your search a little easier, but if you think we left any must-have family breeds out, be sure to let us know which and why in the comments. And, as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell for notifications!

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