How to Plan a Trip that’s Fun for You & Your Dog

Whether you’re busy with work, family, or other obligations, it’s easy to feel like you don’t spend enough time with your dog. And when you finally get to take a break and go on that much-needed vacation, you’re probably reluctant to leave your best friend behind. Vacations are all about rest and relaxation, and what’s more relaxing than spending some quality time with your loved ones and your dog?

Unfortunately, many pet owners miss out on the fun of traveling with their dogs because they think traveling with their canine companion is too difficult. Without proper planning, bringing your dog on a trip can be stressful and lead to a vacation that’s unpleasant for everyone. But with some forethought and preparation, you can travel with your dog easily and enjoyably.

Here are a few tips for making sure both you and your dog are happy on your next trip:


Consider Your Dog’s Needs

You and your dog may have different ideas about what makes a great vacation. You may want to sit on a beach with a good book all day, but if your dog has a lot of energy, he may do better on an activity-focused trip. Figure out how to fulfill both of your needs. If you’re set on an easy-going trip, be sure to take the time to properly burn off your dog’s energy. Once he’s had enough exercise, your pooch will be happy to relax with you.

Be sure to think of how your dog will handle traveling to your destination. For instance, flying can be inconvenient for you, uncomfortable for your furry friend, and stressful for both of you. If flying is your only option, consult with your vet first, as each animal handles air travel differently. Driving with your pet is easier on both of you, so plan a road trip if possible.


Dog-Focused Destinations

Go somewhere that will work well for you and your pooch! The quickest way to turn a fun trip into an unenjoyable experience is to go somewhere that doesn’t welcome or tolerate pets. There are plenty of dog-friendly destinations all over the country, so regardless of your location or destination, you’re sure to find a place that loves human and animals visitors alike.


Camping with Dogs

Take your dog camping! Campgrounds are often dog-friendly with an abundance of fun activities that you can both enjoy, including four-legged favorites like hiking and swimming. Make sure your dog is well behaved and will listen to your commands before bringing her on a camping trip!

At a campsite, you’ll be in close proximity to other humans, their pets, and wildlife. If you have to leave your dog behind for a few hours or even a few minutes, you don’t want them barking or lunging at every person or animal that passes by. Consider renting an RV if you need a little more room; RV-ing with your dog is a great choice if you have to bring a lot of gear or want more comfort and convenience at the campground.

You may not be able to bring your dog on every trip you take, but don’t automatically dismiss the possibility. Dog owners miss out on a wonderful opportunity to bond with their pets by boarding them at a kennel or hiring a pet sitter. With a little research, time, and planning, both you and your dog can have the trip of a lifetime.

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