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    Hero Dog Stayed Behind to Protect Others During California Wildfire

    When flames surrounded the Hendels’ Sonoma County home, one of the family’s dogs was left behind during the evacuation process. After escaping, the family feared the worst for their beloved dog. But what those family members found when they returned left them crying tears of joy.

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    How Man's Best Friend Improves Your Mental Health

    Dogs bring all sorts of benefits to our lives. But did you know that owning a dog can also improve your mental health?

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    Breed Spotlight: the Poodle

    The ancestors of the poodle can be traced as far back as ancient Rome, where images of the dogs that closely resembled the poodle have been found etched on the walls of tombs. The breed's popularity spread and its traits were refined in France to be the poodle we see today.

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    Watch Our New YouTube Show: Bone Appetit

    Krist and Devin put their taste buds to the test to answer the question you never asked: Does dog food taste good?

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    How to Train Your Dog to be Kid Friendly

    A dog can be a child’s best friend. But if that dog has no prior experience with kids, it can mean big trouble when he finally meets one.

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