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    Dog Owner Diaries: You've Got A Dog, Now What?

    If you plan on bringing a dog into your home, there are many unexpected problems that can arise, making both your own life and the life of your dog difficult. This week, Devin discusses a few of the dog ownership lessons he learned the hard way so you won’t have to.

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    Best Breeds for Service Dogs

    Dogs have been with us for thousands of years, helping with us with everything from hunting to protection and companionship. But did you know that some breeds have great reputations as service dogs as well? Learn more about these breeds and their many strengths as service dogs.

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    Breed Spotlight: the Briard

    Hailing from France, the Briard's history can be traced back to 14th century books and tapestries.

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    Tips for Long Road Trips with Your Puppy

    Are you planning a trip with your pup? Whether it’s a cross-country trek or a simple trip to the park, you’re going to want these tips for the safest and smoothest ride possible.

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    Troubleshooting the Dog: Loose-Leash Walking

    Loose-leash walking isn’t a behavior that comes naturally to dogs, but it’s something you can teach them with proper training. Brandi Barker has some great training tips dog owners who want to eliminate pulling from their daily walks.

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