Breed Profile: The Pomeranian

The remains of dogs closely resembling the Pomeranian have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. However, the history of the modern breed begins in fourteenth century Pomerania, an area that covered parts of present-day Poland and Germany. There, the Pom’s ancestors, the much larger German Spitz varieties, were mainly used as guard dogs. The Spitz breed has always been divided according to size and color in its native homeland of Germany, which is still true today. The German Spitz breed includes the modern-day Wolfspitz (or Keeshond), Gross Spitz (Giant Spitz), Mittelspitz (Medium Spitz), Kleinspitz (Small Spitz), and the smallest German Spitz, the Zwergspitz (Dwarf Spitz)—or as we know it, the Pomeranian. 

It was in the late 1700s that Queen Charlotte—originally from Germany—first brought the Spitz to England, where the breed’s popularity began to grow. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Queen Victoria also had quite a fondness for the smallest Spitz and obtained an especially small specimen (named Marco) from Pomerania. Not long after, the breed’s rise in royal popularity spilled over into the common circles, and only the smallest of the Spitz varieties were known as Pomeranians.

Pomeranians weigh between 3 and 6 pounds and stand 7 to 12 inches tall. As with all Spitz breeds, the Pomeranian is easily trained, intelligent, and attentive. He is remarkably dedicated to his family and owner. Unlike other Spitz, the Pom’s small size and the owner’s tendency to dote on him often results in the Pom developing a notoriously cheeky personality. Spitz breeds can be wary of strangers, which makes the Pomeranian a wonderful guard dog.

Want to learn more about the Pomeranian? Click here to read the full breed standard. 

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Video for last month's featured breed the German Shepherd.

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