Breed Profile: The German Shepherd

he German Shepherd was originally a farm dog, guarding its family’s flocks and herds. Unlike most herding breeds, the German Shepherd was not only bred to move the herd, but also to patrol and protect both the herd and the shepherd from outside dangers and predators. Although the breed’s ancestors can be traced back to the earliest of flock and herding dog types, the German Shepherd breed wasn’t organized until the 1800s by Captain Max von Stephanitz, named the Father of the German Shepherd breed. 

Today, the German Shepherd has proven itself to be a very adaptable breed. It can do nearly anything, including protecting sheep, guarding homes, assisting the disabled, aiding the police in search and rescue missions, and, most importantly, loving and loyally serving its family. 

The German Shepherd weighs 66 to 88 pounds (males) & 48 to 71 pounds (females). They stand 21 to 26 inches tall. The German Shepherd breed is strong-nerved, fearless, self-assured, self-composed, confident, watchful, poised, and alert when necessary. He should never be timid, shy, nervous, anxious, or overly fearful (including fear-aggressive). He is expected to permit neutral and friendly interactions between his family/owner/handler and others, however, he himself is not overly-friendly, and may even be a bit aloof to strangers. The breed is physically capable of speed, power, agility, and endurance, and he is self-aware enough to know his capabilities and limits. This offers him a great deal of confidence. The German Shepherd is an extremely intelligent breed, capable of learning and discerning many tasks and activities.

Want to learn more about the German Shepherd? Click here to read the full breed standard. 

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Video for last month's featured breed the Akita.

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