• How-to-Curb-Digging-Behavior-in-Dogs.png

    How to Curb Digging Behavior in Dogs

    Most owners will agree that digging is an unacceptable behavior that can lead to a handful of problems for both the pet and the owner. Here are a few ideas to help you curb your dog's digging habits.

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  • Watch---Doug-the-Pug-Steals-Hearts-in-Beauty-and-the-Pug.png

    Watch: Doug the Pug Steals Hearts in Beauty and the Pug

    Be our guest to watch this pug-nificent take on a tail as old as time.

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    Eight Early Signs Your Dog May Have Cancer

    Many people do not realize that cancer is not just a human condition; it can also affect your pet. Recent research from National Canine Cancer Foundation indicates that in every three dogs, one is affected by cancer. This makes cancer the number one killer disease of cats and dogs. Cancer affects both purebred and mixed breed dogs. Some types of cancer can occur at any age, but cancer is especially common in older dogs. Today, we will examine eight of the most common signs of cancer in dogs.

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  • Meet-Friar-Bigotón,-the-Newest-(and-Cutest)-Addition-to-a-South-American-Monastery.jpg

    Meet Friar Bigotón, the Newest (and Cutest) Addition to a South American Monastery

    It’s a miracle! This special schnauzer found a loving forever home in a Franciscan monastery in Bolivia.

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  • Is-Your-Dog-Suffering-from-Seasonal-Allergies.jpg

    Is Your Dog Suffering from Seasonal Allergies?

    Are your dog’s allergy treatments only scratching the surface? We’ve got the seasonal allergy tips you’re itching to know about.

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