• How-Dogs-Groom-Themselves-in-Their-Own-Little-Way.jpg

    How Dogs Groom Themselves in Their Own Little Way

    Even though their standards may not be the same as what we would consider “good,” dogs do have their own ways of keeping themselves groomed.

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  • How-Today’s-Tech-Can-Enhance-Your-Dog’s-Life.jpg

    How Today’s Tech Can Enhance Your Dog’s Life

    Sure, technology has made your life better in innumerable ways, but did you know that it can also improve the life of your dog?

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  • Rescued-Dog-Returns-Girl.jpg

    Rescued Dog Returns the Favor by Saving Three-Year-Old Girl

    This three-year-old dog had a truly rough start at life, but she recovered and thrived thanks to the efforts of rescuers and her adoptive family. Recently, Peanut had a chance to pay it forward when she helped rescue a little girl who had been left alone in a ditch in near-freezing cold weather.

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  • Colorado-Dog-Seized-by-Authorities-for-Being-Part-Wolf.jpg

    Colorado Dog Seized by Authorities for Being Part Wolf Is Actually All Dog, According to Family’s DNA Test

    After Capone jumped the fence in his family’s yard, he was swiftly picked up by animal control. The dog’s fate became unclear when animal control officials claimed Capone was a wolf-dog hybrid and refused to give him back to his family, but now his family claims that the results of a recent DNA test prove he is 100 percent dog.

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  • breed-profile_Bull-Terrier-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Bull Terrier

    Near the middle of the nineteenth century, James Hinks of Birmingham, England, crossed a Bull and Terrier with an English White Terrier with the goal of improving the offspring’s appearance. Up to that point, Bull and Terrier breeders had focused primarily on bettering the fighting performance of their dogs.

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